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    Registration is now open for the 2023-2024 school year. 

    Click here to register your student for the 2023-2024 school year.

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    ****NEW THIS YEAR!**** 

    • Lost Student ID Badges must be replaced as soon as possible. The cost is $5.00 through Revtrak on the Negley website. 

    • No parent escort of students to their classrooms will occur. Visitors coming in for lunch or special events must sign in at the front desk with proper ID to receive their visitor sticker. 

    Bell Schedule: 

    • Doors open at 7:00 am. 

    • Breakfast is served until 7:25. 

    • School starts and the tardy bell rings at 7:30. The car rider line doors will close at 7:30 - You will need to drop your child off at the front of the school if you arrive after that. 

    • From 7:00 – 7:15 students may go to Shipyard in the gym or to the cafeteria for breakfast. 

    • Students may walk to class starting at 7:15. 


    • Attendance is taken at 10:00 am each morning.  If your student is not in the school at this time, they will be counted absent for the day. 

    • Anytime your student is absent, please send an email/doctor’s note to the attendance clerk, Deborah Wilson, at The note should include student’s name, student id#, date(s) of absence and reason for absence. Please note that we need an excuse anytime and for any reason your student is absent.  

    • If your student is absent due to fever, they must be fever-free for 24 hours without the use of medication to be cleared to return to school. 

    • Doctor’s appointments are inevitable, but we do ask that doctor’s notes be provided for any absence resulting from one. **If your student is present on campus at any point during a school day, AND a doctor’s note is provided, the absence will be rescinded. 

    • Absences cannot be future coded. Anytime your student is absent, you will receive the automated attendance message (even if an email was sent before attendance was taken.) The attendance clerk will re-code absences after attendance is taken. 


    • Visitors can have lunch with students in the cafeteria, and MUST be on the student’s approved visitor list. You must stop at the front office with proper ID and receive your visitor sticker first. Report to the cafeteria to meet your child - only your child may sit with you – then check out with the front office when lunch has concluded. Classroom hallways are NOT OPEN to visitors during instructional time 7:30 – 2:55. 

    • The front office does not deliver. Your student will be called down from class to get any lunches, water bottles or forgotten items. Please LABEL all items with student’s name and teacher. 

    • We will NOT accept food from meal delivery services! Visitors may still bring restaurant food for their students. 



    • School gets out at 2:55 pm. 

    • Every family must choose ONE form of dismissal: Walker, Independent Walker, Car Rider, Bus, or After-School Care. If there are any variations to your student’s dismissal, these need to be on a SET SCHEDULE for the teacher to follow. 

    • Transportation changes are a LAST RESORT and will only be accepted for family emergencies/unforeseen circumstances. These are to be requested through Kaci in the front office by 2:00. 512-268-8501 or Teacher’s name must be included. 

    • The LATEST a student can be picked up early before dismissal is 2:15 pm. PLEASE PLAN DOCTOR APPOINTMENTS ACCORDINGLY. It is your responsibility to know the student’s teacher when picking them up. 

    • Students MUST be picked up by 3:15 at the latest. The Front Office closes at 3:30. 


    • Please contact your student’s teacher prior to bringing treats – they will give you classroom allergy info and class count. 

    • Parents cannot attend birthday celebrations in the classroom. Birthday treats will be handed out to students during the last 15 minutes of the day. Hays CISD recommends individually wrapped items (ex. Little Debbie treats). Homemade items will not be accepted. Please do not bring drinks! Balloons may NOT be taken into the school beyond the reception area. 

    • Parents are not allowed to bring food for other children for lunch – no “birthday pizza”, etc. for the class. This is strictly prohibited due to federal guidelines. 

    Cell Phone Policy: 

    Student use guidelines during the school day (7:00 AM-2:55 PM) 

    • Cell phones and Apple-type watch devices must be out of sight, on airplane mode, and in your child's backpack. 

    • Students will not have their cell phones out during class, passing periods, recess, or in the restroom. 

    • Students will not be allowed to call their parent on their phone/Apple watch during the school day. Students can use classroom telephones at the teacher’s discretion. If parents need to reach their child, they can leave a message at the front desk if it's urgent. 




    YMCA/Extend-a-Care – On site: 512-236-9622, 

    Rocking Horse Academy: 512-405-3700 

    Stepping Stone Kyle: 512-268-0123 

    Stepping Stone Plum Creek: 512-262-7409 

    Kyle Bright Beginnings: 512-312-4341 

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  •  Hays CISD logo

    Hays CISD to Create Attendance Zone for New Elementary

    The process is underway to create a new elementary school attendance zone to accommodate the opening of the district’s 16th elementary school. The new campus, located in the Anthem subdivision, will open in August 2024. In July 2023, the Board of Trustees voted to empanel a committee of 14 citizens to review proposed maps, receive public input, and create a recommendation that will be presented to the Board for a vote no later than December of this year. “Board policy requires the district administration to create at least two starting-point maps for consideration by the citizen committee,” said Hays CISD Chief Communication Officer Tim Savoy. “We encourage everyone who has an opinion to reach out to the committee by using the special ‘Zone Talk’ button on the committee’s webpage or attending one of two public forums. People can also follow along as the process progresses, view the prevailing draft maps, and see all of the materials presented to the committee on the committee webpage.”  The committee webpage is Click headline or "Read More" for full story.

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  •  Hays History Day Meeting

    Hays History Day - Parent & Community Informational Meeting

    Hays CISD is excited to announce the second annual Hays History Day will be held on January 20, 2024. Our district History Day competition is in conjunction with the Texas History Day competition hosted by the Texas State Historical Association and the National History Day organization. History Day's purpose is to equip students with college and career ready skills of collaboration, research, writing, and innovative thinking that come from the study of history and civics. It is a wonderful way to incorporate Social Studies and Reading and Language Arts state standards into innovative projects. The competition is open to students from grades 4 through 12. Please join us for more information at a parent and community meeting on Thursday, September 21 from 5:30pm to 6:30pm at the Barton Middle School cafeteria. We will discuss the theme for this year's project and options for student projects.  Please click headline or "Read More" for additional details.

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  •  Gerdes Invitation

    Hays CISD to Dedicate New Fine Arts Wing at Dahlstrom MS to Honor Longtime Music Educator Leroy Gerdes

    Hays CISD is proud to announce that the new fine arts wing at Dahlstrom Middle School (DMS), which includes the school’s new band hall and music rooms, will be named after Leroy Gerdes. Gerdes, who taught and directed bands for 44 years, including 34 in Hays CISD, was the original band director for DMS in 1985, when the campus opened. Though he was a band director at several schools in the district, including the then – Hays Middle School and Barton Middle School; he spent most of his Hays CISD career at DMS. He retired in 2019. “Leroy works hard for all of the right reasons. He is a very humble man who strives for success in order for his students to become life-long lovers of music, and to feel good about themselves and their accomplishments,” said Gerald Babbitt, retired Hays CISD Director of Bands and Music, and namesake for the district’s Performing Arts Center auditorium. Click headline above or "Read More" for complete News Release.

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  • SMART Tag logo

    SMART Tag

    Hays CISD uses the Secured Mobility Authorized Ridership Technology (SMART) tag system for all students who ride the bus to and from school. Each of our buses is outfitted with a tablet equipped with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader, mobile connectivity, and GPS. Students place their campus-supplied SMART tag ID badges on the tablet's sensor when loading and unloading their bus. Our bus drivers also benefit through improved safety and automation of tasks, better enabling them to focus on the safe transport of students. Specifically, the SMART tag wireless system transmits information to our transportation staff to include the location of each bus, the names of students on board each bus, notification of an approaching bus, and the ability to view a student’s ridership activity. The SMART tag system also offers parents a bus tracking feature through a secure Parent Portal. Parents can register to receive ‘SMART Alert’ text messages notifying them their child is 10-15 minutes from his/her bus stop. The ‘SMART Alert’ will also notify parents in the event of a bus delay or interruption in service due to a mechanical issue, traffic, inclement weather or crash. The portal may be accessed from any device with a web browser. Click headline above or "Read More" for additional information about the SMART Tag system.

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