High School Summer School 2020

  • HS Summer School Administrators:

    Rob Hensarling - Principal

    Joshua Kaiser - Assistant Principal
    Email: HSsummerschool@hayscisd.net

    Summer School Location:

    • Online Virtual Self-paced. Students will need a device and internet access at home.

    Summer School Dates:

    • Summer school courses begin June 1st. All courses are self-paced, but must be completed no later than July 30th.

    Summer School Schedule:

    • Teachers will offer daily tutorial times and will schedule online cumulative exams with individual students.

    Participation Requirements:

    • Students must make satisfactory progress each week.
    • Refunds will not be provided after June 1st.

    Course Offerings:

    • High School Summer is only available to students who are currently enrolled in Hays CISD.
  • Fees:

    Credit Recovery, Phoenix Lab, Odyssey Lab, and Language Acquisition courses will be FREE. The fee for Get Ahead courses are $200 (full credit class) and $100 (half-credit class). Students who currently receive free or reduced meals or are in the PEP program are eligible for a 50% discount on the summer school fees. Students identified as McKinney Vento will receive a course fee discount.  Student eligibility for this program will be verified. Students who use these codes but are deemed ineligible will be dropped from the course immediately.

  • Program

    For students going into grades

    Who is eligible?

    Get Ahead Pre-AP    

    1 credit courses:

    • Pre-AP Geometry
    • Pre-AP Algebra 2


    Students who successfully completed Algebra (for Pre-AP Geometry) or Geometry (for Pre-AP Algebra 2) and want to accelerate in order to take more advanced math courses. 1 credit course.

    NOTE: Pre-AP advanced level of rigor.

    Get Ahead On-Level

    1 credit courses:

    • Foundations of Fitness
    • Art 1
    • English 4


    Students who wish to accelerate credit in the listed course.

    Note: English 4 reserved for rising 12th graders

    Get Ahead On-Level

    1/2 credit courses:

    • Health
    • Comm. Apps. (Speech)
    • Government
    • Economics


    Students who wish to accelerate credit in the listed course.

    Note: rising 8th graders may register for Health and/or Comm Apps; Govt. and Eco. are reserved for rising 12th graders. Students may select up to two 1/2 credit courses

    Credit Recovery


    Students needing to recover credit(s) in ELA, Math, Science, Spanish, or Social Studies

    Phoenix Lab


    Students in Cohort 2020 needing to complete credit in order to graduate

    Odyssey Lab


    Students must be recommended by counselor

    Language Acceleration Academy


    Students must be recommended by counselor

  • Acknowledgement:

    By registering for HS Virtual Summer School, parents and students agree to abide by the policies and rules of the Hays CISD Parent/Student Handbook and the Summer School Handbook. Students who are dismissed from summer school are not entitled to nor will they receive a refund.  No refunds will be made after classes have started. Refunds granted before the start of classes will take 4 to 6 weeks to process.

    • Hays CISD Parent/Student Handbook
    • Hays CISD HS Summer School Handbook (HS Summer School Students will be required to acknowledge & agree to the handbook policies at registration.)