High School Summer School 2023

  • HS Summer School Administrators & Contacts:

    Summer School Coordinator: Homero Gonzalez
    Testing Coordinator: Shawna Mayerson
    Get Ahead Virtual School Director: Emily Herrin
    HHS Coordinator: Rob Hensarling,
      Robert.Hensarling@hayscisd.net (512) 268-2911 ext 46231

    LHS Coordinator: Eric McCune,
      Eric.McCune@hayscisd.net (512) 268-8454 ext 47701         

    JHS Coordinator: Danielle Sandoval,
      Danielle.Sandoval@hayscisd.net (512) 268-8512 ext 44368


    Summer School - In Person at Home Campuses

    Credit Recovery classes for 11th & 12th graders will be face-to-face and facilitated by certified HCISD teachers from June 5-22,  8:30am –12pm (Mon-Thurs). No Friday classes except June 23rd. Transportation is only provided for those riding buses during the school year.  Last day to complete a course is June 23rd. Counselors will register these students on campus. 9th & 10th graders needing CR classes are welcome to register for the waiting list. As seats become available at home campus, the coordinators will call parents about openings in the order they registered. *June 19th is a holiday.

  • Register Online April 24-May 19 (Links to register are below.)

    Course Offerings:  

    • Get Ahead Math
      1 credit courses:  Advanced Geometry and  Algebra 2
      Students in grades 9 and 10
      Held at HHS only
      No transportation provided
      Students who successfully completed Algebra (for Adv. Geometry) or Geometry (for Adv. Algebra 2) and want to accelerate in order to take more advanced math courses. 1 credit course. Classes run June 5-28th. NOTE: Advanced level rigor. Cost $250, no refund after June 5th. Discounts for qualified students.

      Advanced Math Get Ahead Registration Link

    • Credit Recovery
      Students in grades 11 (2024) and 12 (2023)
      Held at Home Campus
      Students needing to recover credit(s) in a course not previously passed will automatically be enrolled and an email sent to parents & students to verify participation. Free.

    • Credit Recovery Waiting List
      Students in grades 9 and 10
      Held at Home Campus
      Students who need to recover credit(s) in any course not previously passed. Free. You will be called when seats open. NOTE: Registration is no guarantee of attendance.

      Credit Recovery Waiting List Registration Link

    • Odyssey Lab
      Students in grades 10 -12
      Students must be recommended and registered by campus counselor. Free

    • Phoenix Lab
      Students in Cohort 2022 (or before) who need to complete credit in order to graduate. Students will be enrolled by PHX teacher at LOA. Free.

    • EOC Bootcamp/Retesting Information
      Bootcamp will take place at home campuses on June 14th & 15th.  If your child requires June retesting the home campus will inform you of specific report times for home campus testing. Required accommodations will be followed. Only online testing during the summer.  Next retest opportunity is Dec 2023. English 1/US History June 20, Algebra 1 /Biology June 21, and English 2 June 22

      Click here to register for EOC Bootcamp or to sign up for retesting

    • Get Ahead Virtual School (Online – Edgenuity)
      Students wishing to take original credit (never attempted) classes online through Edgenuity must complete enrollment requirements and gain counselor approval by May 25th. Cost is $150 per semester. No refund after June 1. These courses do not follow summer school schedule. More information can be found on the Hays CISD Online Learning website. Final exams are taken in person.

      Click here for information and registration
  • Acknowledgement:

    By registering for HS Summer School, parents and students agree to abide by the policies and rules of the Hays CISD Parent/Student Handbook. Students who are dismissed from summer school are not entitled to nor will they receive a refund.  No refunds will be made after classes have started. Refunds granted before the start of classes will take 4 to 6 weeks to process.