2014 First Day of School Survey Results

During the first week of school, Hays CISD sent an electronic survey to all parents district-wide asking parents about their back to school experiences. The survey was available in both English and Spanish.

The district received over 1200 responses from parents with valuable feedback. We appreciate all of the comments regarding our schools, staff, and examples of your experiences on the first day of school. We also appreciate comments which put a spotlight on areas where we can improve.

The following concerns surfaced district-wide:

  • frustration with bus transportation delays,
  • frustration with schedule changes after schedule pick-up,
  • the need for separate orientation for Kinder parents and other parents brand new to campus,
  • concern for secondary students carrying all of their school supplies, books, and instruments--too heavy, 
  • concern for the crowding at schools, and
  • requests for earlier drop-off for elementary schools.

The total survey results are listed below.

Overall, how would you rate your experience enrolling your student?

  • Very Good: 67%
  • Good: 26%
  • Not Good: 4%
  • Disappointing: 2%
  • No answer: 1%

Overall, how would you rate your experience with the first day of school? 

  • Very Good: 58%
  • Good: 33%
  • Not Good: 5%
  • Disappointing: 3%
  • No answer: 1%

How would you describe the way in which you were greeted by campus staff?

  • Very Good: 61%
  • Good: 31%
  • Not Good: 3%
  • Disappointing: 2%
  • No answer: 3%

How would you rate the responsiveness of the principal and staff to your questions or concerns?

  • Very Good: 54%
  • Good: 33%
  • Not Good: 5%
  • Disappointing: 3%
  • No answer: 5% 

How would you rate the overall quality of the campus your student attends?

  • Very Good: 54%
  • Good: 34%
  • Not Good: 2%
  • Disappointing: 2%
  • Not Sure-New: 7%
  • No answer: 1%

How would you rate the overall quality of Hays CISD?

  • Very Good: 42%
  • Good: 45%
  • Not Good: 3%
  • Disappointing: 2%
  • Not Sure-New: 6%
  • No answer: 2%


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