March 7, 2024

Posted by Harvest Goodrich on 3/7/2024

Good Things & Welcome:
The meeting began with a warm welcome extended by the Hays CISD Board and Superintendent to the Student Advisory Panel. Members shared positive updates about "good things" happening in their lives.

New Student Introductions:

Bryce Clore and Sofia Landaverde were welcomed as new students to the panel.

Introduction of New Volunteer Coordinator:

Elizabeth Bracamontes was introduced as the new Volunteer Coordinator. High school volunteer hour requirements and details as to when the clock starts for recording hours were asked. Future meeting to decide details was made.

Evaluation of Fighting Fentanyl Campaign:

  • Discussion centered around evaluating the effectiveness of the ongoing fighting fentanyl campaign.
  • Identified aspects that are working well and areas that require adjustments.
  • Potential UIL Playoff Restructure:
    Deliberation on the possibility of restructuring UIL playoffs. Further examination needed to determine the feasibility and potential impact of any restructuring.

Testing Fatigue:

  • Addressed concerns regarding testing fatigue among students.
  • Strategies to mitigate testing fatigue were discussed.


The next meeting will be a tour of the New Cullen Elementary on April 3rd, 2024. Participants are reminded that closed-toed shoes are required for the tour.