February 7, 2024

Posted by Harvest Goodrich on 2/7/2024

Welcome and Introductions:
The meeting commenced with a warm welcome from the Hays CISD Board and Superintendent to the Student Advisory Panel. "Good things" happening in members' lives were shared. 

Student Dress Code:

  • Clarify the rationale behind the dress code – is it primarily for maintaining professionalism, ensuring safety, or fostering a conducive learning environment?
  • Address the specific issue of hats within the dress code. Discuss the reasons behind any existing regulations regarding hats and whether there's a need for adjustments.

Recent Demographer’s Information:

  • Provided a link to the demographer’s information for review.
  • Future campus location options
  • Expected growth projections

Physical Safety:

  • Discussed campus security measures.
  • Reviewed emergency response protocols.
  • Discussed ongoing infrastructure improvements.

Mental Health and Well-being:

  • Reviewed support services available for students.
  • Discussed initiatives promoting mental health awareness.
  • Shared strategies for stress management.

Next Meeting: Scheduled for March 7th, 2024, at the Kyle Kimbro room.