December 7, 2023

Posted by Harvest Goodrich on 12/7/2023

Welcome and Introductions:
The meeting commenced with a warm welcome from the Hays CISD Board and Superintendent to the Student Advisory Panel. "Good things" happening in members' lives were shared. 

"Go-To" Academic Advisor:

    • Students discussed their experiences with adult employees at the middle school and high school levels who have been their "go-to" academic advisors.
    • Emphasis was placed on the importance of mentorship and support in academic matters.

 Most Influential High School Teacher:

    • Students shared their thoughts on the high school teacher who had the greatest influence on them, both academically and personally.
    • Reasons for influence, such as teaching style, mentorship, and personal connections, were explored.

Holiday Wishes for Campus:

    • Each student expressed their holiday wishes for their respective campuses, fostering a sense of community and positivity.
    • Ideas ranged from academic improvements to creating a more inclusive and supportive school environment. Students were hopeful for construction to be completed on their campuses.

Open Discussion: Questions or Comments from Students:

    • Students were asked to share any additional thoughts, questions, or comments they had regarding their academic experiences, school environment, or other relevant topics.
    • The Hays CISD Board and Superintendent expressed gratitude to the Student Advisory Panel for their valuable insights and contributions.

The meeting concluded on a positive note, with a commitment from both the students and the Hays CISD Board and Superintendent to work together to enhance the educational experience for all students in the district.