November 2, 2023

Posted by Harvest Goodrich on 11/5/2023

Thanksgiving Reflections:

  • Members were invited to share what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving.
  • Emphasis on expressing gratitude for both big and small aspects of life.
  • The purpose was to foster a positive and appreciative atmosphere.

Cell Phone Usage and Terroristic Threats:

  • Discussion regarding the current state of cell phone usage within the student body.
  • Addressing concerns related to terroristic threats and ensuring a safe environment.
  • Exploring potential strategies and measures to mitigate these issues.
  • Recognizing the importance of balancing safety with the promotion of a positive school culture.

PALS Austin ISD:

  • Introduction to PALS (Peer Assistance Leadership and Service) program in Austin ISD.
  • Highlighting its history since its establishment at Crockett High School in 1980.
  • Discussion on the impact of PALS on empowering and mentoring students.
  • Consideration of the potential implementation or adaptation of a similar program within Hays CISD.

Meeting Highlights:

Thanksgiving Reflections:

  • Members expressed gratitude for diverse aspects of life, including family, education, and personal achievements.
  • Acknowledged the importance of fostering a sense of gratitude within the student body.
  • Emphasized the role of gratitude in promoting a positive school culture.
  • Cell Phone Usage and Terroristic Threats:
  • Identified the need for a comprehensive approach to address cell phone usage issues.
  • Emphasized the importance of open communication channels between students, faculty, and administration.
  • Discussed potential educational initiatives to raise awareness about the consequences of terroristic threats.
  • Consideration of implementing preventive measures and providing resources for mental health support.
  • PALS Austin ISD:
  • Members showed interest in exploring the PALS program further.
  • Discussed the potential benefits of a peer mentoring program within Hays CISD.
  • Recognized the potential positive impact on student engagement, leadership development, and overall school culture.

Meeting concluded with a sense of gratitude and commitment to fostering a safe and positive learning environment within Hays CISD.