September 6, 2023

Posted by Harvest Goodrich on 9/6/2023


  • Welcome New Student Advisory Members
  • Beginning of the year celebrations & concerns
  • How are you handling the new changes of the school year?
  • Importance of I.D.’s and Safety Drills
  • Volunteer cords and opportunities

1. Call to Order and Good Things:

  • The meeting began with an upbeat playlist featuring "Just the Hits" from the 80's, setting a positive tone for the meeting.

2. Welcome by Dr. Wright: Students were welcomed and sent through a buffet line of taco plates and tres leche cakes made by Student Food Services.

3. Beginning of the Year Celebrations and Concerns:

  • LHS Innovations and Design: Discuss plans to revamp baseball fields with soft turf.
  • The auditorium and CTE Mariachi Hall have been upgraded.
  • JHS Wing: Mention of accommodating 600 students in the orchestra hall.
  • HHS Science Labs and Weight Room renovations.
  • LOA Doubling Capacity: Plans for increasing enrollment to 400 students.
  • Concerns were raised by Jackson Juel regarding difficulties in getting to the Hays Huddle for attendance.
  • Tina Salazar emphasized the need for stronger adult-student connections.

4. 4-Day Instruction Week:

  • It was noted that the idea was rejected by state legislation and the new calendar committee will finalize the schedule.

5. Hays Service Stars Program:

  • Keyawyna Glaze introduced the "Hays Service Stars" program, encouraging students to log volunteer hours using their student IDs. This information will be integrated into VIP records, and counselors will have access.
  • Board Trustee Esperanza Orosco suggested students consider volunteering hours to organizations like "Hope to God" and "Clothes Closet."

6. Funding Update:

  • Dr. Wright explained a funding challenge related to private school vouchers and anticipated special sessions by the State. Delayed funding was expected to be released in October.

7. Art Class Fees:

  • Students inquired about a $10 fee for art classes, which was explained as typical and reasonable based on previous years.

8. GPA and Class Ranks:

  • There was a change in the GPA scale last year for core content classes. Marivel Sedillo will provide dates for the release of updated class ranks.

9. New Changes:

  • Board Secretary Courtney Runkle discussed new policies, including mandatory DAEP/Impact placement for vaping offenses and a stricter absence policy.
  • LOA students clarified that rumors of the school closing due to enrollment numbers were untrue.

10. Safety and Security:

  • Chief of Safety and Security Jeri Scrocky emphasized campus safety, urging students to wear ID badges, keep doors locked, and report suspicious activity.
  • Ryan Weeks raised concerns about vaping setting off smoke detectors. Scrocky mentioned plans for a vaping detection system.
  • LHS students expressed that removing exterior bathroom doors did not reduce vaping issues.
  • Students suggested using magnets for their ID badges instead of lanyards.
  • Esperanza Orosco emphasized the importance of elementary students becoming accustomed to wearing ID badges early on.

11. Home School Student Participation:

  • Dr. Wright asked for student opinions on home-schooled students participating in UIL activities, including sports and fine arts.
  • Students felt it was unfair that home-schooled students did not have to pass exams or coursework to qualify, unlike public school students required by UIL.
  • Concerns were raised about the lack of bonding opportunities with teammates for home-schooled students.
  • Suggestions were made for improving team sports for these students.

The meeting concluded with a sense of collaboration and a commitment to address the discussed issues.