April, 6, 2023

Posted by Harvest Goodrich on 4/6/2023

  1. Call to Order; Good things

Good things were mentioned by all attendees including the news that Lehman's percussion earned 2nd in the state! Welcomed new students: Liam Keller and Ana Jakubauskas

  1. SchoolLinks

School board president Vanessa Petrea asked for student feedback on using SchoolLinks to register for classes. Students commented that the program needed to be taught to students and they felt their campus staff was not able to help them and they had to figure it out for themselves. One student noted, “It has the potential to be helpful for applying to colleges but I spent too much time having to learn it on my own.” Abram noted that registering was too buggy and not all the classes were listed. Both Live Oak students and Hays High students noted they were not familiar with the program and had not heard of it as of 4.6.23.

  1. Student IDs and consequences for non-compliance

Students felt that non-compliance should have a 3 strikes-out policy that would step up/tiered consequences each time. Students noted they forgot their ID’s and maybe magnetic-type fasteners would be cooler than lanyards. Marcos noted that ID’s should be scanned to have bathroom privileges because it would cut down on vaping in the bathroom if the admin could tell who was in the bathroom at any time.

  1. Legislative updates pertaining to public education

The potential 4-day week was prohibited in a new bill by Senator Campbell. Bill to decriminalize vaping by age restrictions was presented. Students noted that kids would be more likely to vape if they knew there were no legal consequences to vaping.  It was noted that 60% of impact students were in trouble for vaping on campus.

  1. What is a challenge you are facing as another school year comes to an end?

Students are worried about senioritis and staying focused until the end of the school year. Students report feeling drained from the rigors of academics and extracurriculars by April. Students said that teachers were complaining to students about feeling burnout. Admin and students agreed that teachers should not complain to students about their jobs. Students also said they do not want teachers to be religious or anti-religious but focus on academics. Students said teachers should have more freedom to take lessons so that lessons could be more engaging, like at the beginning of the year. Members noted that their most memorable days of learning included; learning outside instead of in a classroom, having fun projects, and being able to get out of their chairs to collaborate.

  1. Ideas to consider as we plan for the 2023-2024 school year

Students wanted fewer Google slides and computer-based learning and more teacher-student engagement. More class discussions and fewer one-sided lectures.

  1. Say Farewell to Seniors members. Seniors were asked, “What advice would you give incoming high school students?” and gave the younger class advice on having a great high school experience.