March 2, 2023

Posted by Harvest Coats on 3/2/2023

  1. Call to Order; Good things

Good things were mentioned by attendees, including the news that Ikaika Engleman broke the school pole vault record with a vault of 12 ft!

  1. Campus Safety

Alyssa asked for a doorbell in the HHS trainer's room to assess student athletic injuries faster. Students asked that they have access to bathrooms at the same time and location within the campuses. The administration decided that more bathroom monitor sweeps needed to be performed. Graffiti issues in the bathrooms needs to be reported and removed asap on all campuses and a work order was placed for the HHS cafeteria bathroom.

Fentanyl assemblies were considered by students and administrators. Students felt that large school-wide assemblies were too distracting and that the messaging would be better in a small-scale environment. All agreed that an opt-out should be given to allow students with trauma or personal experience with Fentanyl the option to have additional privacy and support during the messaging campaign. Billboard for Forever 15 was approved and will hang as a banner in secondary campus cafeterias.

  1. 2023 Bond Plan & Feedback

JHS gyms are too small to accommodate every student organization and a new gym to prioritize fine arts. Students asked where new campuses were likely to be built. Students wanted feedback about what specifics would be added to their campuses for athletics. Students asked about the details of Hays HS & Lehman HS Initial Design Fees for Future Modernization and Expansion

  1. C Day Schedule

Students were asked their opinion about C-day schedules. Some students noted that Fridays were helpful for athletes who may miss class for games to see all their teachers twice a week and to get assignments. Students not involved in UIL thought Friday C days were too short to accomplish much in class and thought alternating AB days were a better use of time. Student-athletes said that grading guidelines were tough to adhere to when they missed too many days without seeing their teachers (missed because of events.) Students said that teachers assigned too much homework on Fridays and weekends. It was upsetting their family and social life balance.

The meeting ran short on time with feedback for agenda items 4 and 5 will be moved to the following meeting.

  1. Time allowed for lunch
  2. Bullying Education