Jan 12, 2023

Posted by Harvest Coats on 1/13/2023

1. Call to Order; Good things

Good things mentioned included power lifting competition season had started.  Students had enjoyed spending time with their families over the holiday break.

2. Attendance Numbers/ Absenteeism

Attendance rose from 92% to 93%.  Dr. Wright spoke to the students about pushing the legislature to base school funding on enrollment instead of daily attendance. 

3. Schoology was discussed with several students saying that Google classroom was more intuitive and compatible with Google documents than Schoology.

Students were asked how many used the district supplied technology and computers. Many students said that they used their own computers but wanted the option of district provided lender computers to remain for students that can not afford to have individual computers, especially for students with multiple siblings. 

4. 4-Day School Week Options Discussed

Students were asked their opinion about a 4-day school week. Many students noted that they would have to care for younger siblings on their "day off." Others noted that athletes and UIL competitions would still occur on Fridays for many students and were worried they would not have bus service to get to school for athletics.