Oct 6, 2022

Posted by Harvest Coats on 10/6/2022

Notes for Student Advisory Board 10.6..22

1. Call to Order; Good things

Good things mentioned included a student getting a new baby niece, a student accepted at the engineering school at KU and another student getting to see Red Hot Chili Peppers at ACL festival.

2. Attendance Numbers

Bringing up attendance numbers was discussed. Students felt that after being able to do so much learning remotely, that it was hard to go back to the pre-covid model of in-person learning. Students felt that more communication needed to be spread about finals exemptions in terms of unexcused absences. It was brought up that Texas requires daily attendance instead of enrollment for funding purposes. Students also noted that mental health is important and sometimes they felt stressed and just needed a day off for mental health and balance.

3. Cell Phone Policy

Students felt like the cell phone policy was helpful in keeping them on task. They didn't want to put their cell phones at the front of the classroom in case of emergency. Many students mentioned that noise levels in the classrooms were very distracting and that white noise and/or calming music from headphones/cell phone use was extremely helpful to them for focus.

4. Homeroom and advisory times

Students were asked what they used homeroom time for. Some said they only socialize but many athletes used that time for sports training and time for homework so they wouldn't be stuck with homework late at night after traveling for games. Students wanted to keep the midnight submission in Schoology because it allowed students who work to be able to complete their assignments on their own schedule. 

5. Work Session for peer-to-peer fentanyl media campaign

Students worked collaboratively to come up with campaigns to encourage fentanyl awareness and the dangers of drugs. Designs and slogans by the students will be created into stickers and images for social media.