Sept 1. 2022

Posted by Harvest Coats on 9/1/2022

Notes for Student Advisory Board 9.1.22

1. Call to Order, Good things, special advisor to the superintendent on board matters, Letters of recommendation, Selfies at graduation

Best time for meetings: Feedback: Cassidy- wants to keep standing day so that she can prepare for absence. Ryan-AM was good but lunch is better because of the food.  Trace, Zeniah, Abraham, liked the timing of the meeting. Alyssa thinks maybe adding a different day like Wednesday and Jordan and Vivian agreed with having a Wednesday meeting option.


Make a written poll for the meetings for the year, Food and Days options

2. Stricter dress code enforcement

ID’s released for mid September – no ID’s at Live Oak and Watson will address.

Issues about wearing Id’s were discussed.

Shirt length appropriate for dress code an issue at JHS.

Shoulders showing doesn’t make sense to students and they want more research done for feedback.

Students would like for lanyards to be provided to identify the campus.


3. Security

Locked doors, Students opening doors at LHS- no, unless approved by teachers

SmartTag ID’s to open doors- work in progress but Bond $ needed

Building security- if student gets locked out to go to the office to get a pass to enter the building

Live Oak will have all doors locked at AM bell

Suggested locked entrances at LHS to have admins posted at all doors

Salazar said a new security guard will be posted at D- building because the fieldhouse door gets locked and it is inconvenient for student-athletes to walk around the entire building for re-entry.


4. Fentanyl awareness

Be aware of lives lost, Savoy and Skrocki present a summary and discuss and show the new video.

Students appreciate the urgency to educate awareness of dangers

Kids need to spread on their own social media to their stories to help spread awareness

Media: IG is the best for sharing to youth, TikTok is best for viral, StuCo could help also, student section pages could help and focus on any drug since they could all be laced.

In 6 months Hays County found zero real Xanax- all counterfeit.

Visitors spoke to students and brainstormed a campaign idea- ongoing conversation about drug awareness