April 10, 2022

Posted by Harvest Coats on 4/14/2022

The Board and Superintendent Student Advisory Panel met and the following items were discussed:

  • Students and faculty began with talking about something good going on in their lives. Students mentioned many great things. Yoshi was excited to tour Stanford. Deema found the perfect prom dress. Alyssa was practicing her speech for the Shriner’s Temple. Knyla was accepted to Brown University. Nayeli was accepted into honor society. Ikaika tied the school record on the pole vault on an 11’6” jump. We are so proud of all the great things happening to our students.
  • Dr. Watson circled back about the 8thperiod option for high schoolers. It was discussed that Friday could be a rotating A/B day and M/W, T/TH could be non-rotating schedules.
  • SAT testing was discussed. Students are now required to take the SAT at school and it is now free for them to test and they are able to send the results to 4 universities for free instead of paying for them. Some students mentioned bells going off during testing that created some interruption during testing and what can be done to improve a calmer atmosphere.
  • The bond was discussed in reference to the growth of the district. Enrollment projections were explained. The students will tour the new elementary school at the following meeting.
  • Students and administrators believed it is important for students to engage in community volunteer experiences. All students agreed that high schoolers should be required to volunteer 10 hours a year and with an additional 16 hours should be able to earn a graduation cord for community service that is not based on membership or grades such as the other clubs that offer community service cords.
  • Students were asked to give their feedback by completing the student engagement survey online that was sent from their campus principals.