March 10, 2022

Posted by Harvest Coats on 3/22/2022

The Board and Superintendent Student Advisory Panel met and the following items were discussed:

  • Students and faculty began with talking about something good going on in their lives. Students mentioned many great things taking a spring break trip to the beach and spending time with family over the break. Also, student member Alyssa was the Shriner Ambassador and threw the first pitch for the Astros game in Houston.
  • Dr. Watson discussed in length about an 8th period option for high schoolers. The students looked at slides of possible schedules and gave insightful feedback about their preferences based on athletics, CTE student schedules, and AP classes among other preferences.
  • Ryan discussed lunches and issues of standing in long lines. A solution was presented to join classes for a larger, but longer lunch time in an A/B lunch period.
  • Students all agreed that AM homeroom would be more effective use of that class time.
  • Students wanted more information and better communication about taking 12 courses for free at ACC and help deciding if on ramp/ dual credit was a good choice for them, and what the specific differences of the two programs are.
  • Administrators and students discussed option of 8 period with A-B rolling
  • Dr. Wright asked students why they don’t like to wear their ID’s and all students agreed that they did not like bright lanyards or unflattering photo ID’s and that it was a matter of vanity. A popular solution was to allow students to pay a nominal fee to re-print their ID’s with a clear photo that they are allowed to upload themselves, similar to a passport ID.
  • A list of cord submissions was discussed for community service hours. Anyone is allowed to join and service hours would be tracked through the program sponsor.