Feb 10, 2022

Posted by Harvest Coats on 2/10/2022

February 2022 Meeting

The Board and Superintendent Student Advisory Panel met and the following items were discussed:

  • Students and faculty began with talking about something good going on in their lives. Students mentioned many great things including training for an upcoming mountain bike team racing event to another student winning their soccer match against Bowie.
  • Bond Projects for the 2022 Bond Package were discussed including items such as a new Elementary school, Academic Support Center and new buses for the growing district needs. Current enrollment and projected enrollment counts were considered.
  • Previous Student Advisory member Daniel Bergmann joined the event to discuss his first-year post HS graduation attending the University of Texas. He talked about his own expectations of college and answered student questions including giving advice on how to access resources such as a writing lab and mental health counselor once in college.
  • Students were asked about their preference for a 7 or 8 period school day. All students were unanimous that they prefer an 8-period school day. They also mentioned not having enough time to eat in a calm and relaxing manner because of a time shortage. All students wanted to go back to “Mega Lunch” where they had a full hour to eat and finish school assignments.
  • Exemptions for finals were discussed with students wanting all HS campuses to follow the same guidelines for consistency, fairness and simplicity. A few students noted that AP class grade is higher than a on level grade requirement for exemption and the idea to switch those requirements to make it fairer. Getting an appeal form for absences to adhere to the exemption was also considered.
  • Meeting ended with the possibility of students meeting at the construction trailer of Sunfield Elm to see the construction progress at the next meeting.