April 2021 Meeting

Posted by Harvest Coats on 4/1/2021

The Board and Superintendent Student Advisory Panel met and the following items were discussed:

  • Bond Update – Panel discussed the bond projects that will be on the May 1, 2021 ballot. If approved by voters, these projects would affect most campuses in Hays CISD and would provide the infrastructure needed to meet current and projected student enrollment.
  • Legislature/ Stimulus Dollars for Education -Texas will now receive a third round of federal stimulus funding for K-12 public education, ​estimated at $12.4 billion​. The funding is in addition to the $1.3 billion and $5.5 billion provided to Texas schools under the first two rounds of COVID-19-related federal stimulus legislation.
  • Hays HS Mascot and Branding release of Hays Hawks- the Hays HS brand guide and brand locker was shared with students. Students were proud of their student led mascot name choice and logo. “The Hawk is an impressive mascot and we really enjoyed helping to create such an impactful mascot, complete with a hidden ‘H’ in the wings.”
  • Summer School or Virtual Campus Options- Ms. Winkleman, the Director of Counseling and College and Career Readiness, stated that “Summer Melt can start on June 7-July 1 to assist rising seniors or graduates in the college application process, including financial aid and TSIA2 testing for college readiness. We can alternate days for counselors to work at all 3 HS or just house at LHS during summer school, but rotate staff. AP classes cannot be offered during the summer because 3 weeks not long enough to teach the courses and the exams won’t be offered until the May of 2022; per Joy Philpott, the Director of Advanced Academics.”
  • Inviting Kyle Area Youth Council to present on IB school option- students were asked if they would be interested in hearing the leadership presentation and it was widely accepted. This resulted in inviting the KAYC to a May 6th meeting to present.
  • Students wanted to add a way for students on campus to discuss or bring up difficult topics to their peers and administration with the support of a teacher Ally at the campus level to help encourage and empower students to use their voices for social benefit and student led initiatives. An online option was discussed with plans to route the suggestions to a campus counselor to further discuss with the student.
  • New 9th grade student members will be chosen by their respective campuses and invited to attend the next meeting so that they can continue as 10th grade members in the following school year.