January 2021 Meeting

Posted by Harvest Coats on 1/7/2021

The Board and Superintendent Student Advisory Panel met for the first meeting of 2021. The following items were discussed:

  • Talked about hopes for Covid vaccine availability to staff
  • 2020 Census results and redrawing election map lines for equal representation in all Hays CISD districts
  • GPA and how it is calculated 
  • Students followed up with saying there was an improvement in online/ virtual learning with the teachers streamlining the process.
  • The 2021 preliminary Bond proposal was explained by Chief Communication Officer Tim Savoy. 
    • How Bonds work and voting procedures
    • Funding needed for expansion, specifically student population growth projections
    • Middle School Capacity - One of the big items to come out of the recent rezoning process was the issue of overcrowding at some middle schools.
  • At the conclusion of the meeting, students, Superintendent Dr. Wright and Board President Esperanza Orosco agreed that adding social connection to in person classrooms such as everyone engaging in a discussion about good things is  a way to encourage social connection during a pandemic.