Fighting Fentanyl: 911 - CPR (Episode 2) (English)

During the course of our Fighting Fentanyl series, numerous experts have repeatedly expressed the many dangers of fentanyl use and need for all to avoid using such drugs. In this video, the fourth in our Fighting Fentanyl series, we show what can happen to those who don’t heed those warnings.

On Sept. 29, 2022, two teens in an SUV parked behind a Hays CISD campus during the overnight hours to engage in using what was later reported to be illicit fentanyl-laced drugs. What happened next was all caught on the campus security camera feed as one of the teens succumbed to fentanyl poisoning, forcing their friend to save their life. This video is at times hard to watch and viewer discretion is advised. 

Warning – This video depicts a life and death situation that occurred in Hays County.  It is for educational purposes in our “Fighting Fentanyl” series. 

Author: Hays CISD   Length: 4:25