Fighting Fentanyl: Signs & Symptoms (Episode 1, Part 3) (English)

As the fight against fentanyl continues, understanding what the effects of fentanyl use might look like can mean the difference between life and death. In this video, the third in our “Fighting Fentanyl” series, we chronicle some of the signs and symptoms associated with fentanyl use and what students, teachers and parents need to look out for.

We begin with Barton Middle School Nurse Christi Chabarria and Pediatrician Dr. Anna Lincoln, MD, FAAP, who detail some of the warning signs to look for in young people who might be using fentanyl. Chabarria also details some of the symptoms associated with fentanyl use and fentanyl overdose and how the drug affects the body.

Recognizing what can happen after a person suffers a fentanyl overdose is just as important as well. Jill Rosales, Battalion Chief and Paramedic with the San Marcos Hays County EMS, gives powerfully candid testimony on what can happen to a young person’s body following a fentanyl overdose. 

Dr. Lincoln shares how vitally important it is for people, especially teenagers, to talk about mental health and reaching out for help. 

Author: Hays CISD   Length: 6:24