Negley Policies and Procedures


*****NEW THIS YEAR!*****

  • School starts at 7:30 am.
  • Attendance notes must be received within 5 school days.
  • HaysCISD schools will not accept meal delivery services.
  • Transportation Changes will only be accepted as a last resort for unforeseen circumstances. All students must have a set dismissal schedule on file with their teacher.

 Bell Schedule:

  • Doors open at 7:00 am.
  • Breakfast is served until 7:25.
  • School starts and the tardy bell rings at 7:30. The car rider line doors will close at 7:30 - You will need to drop your child off at the front of the school if you arrive after that.
  • All hallways will be open for family drop-off from 7:00 - 7:25. Visitors may only enter through the front doors. You must stop at the front office with proper ID and receive your name badge first.
  • After checking in, from 7:00 – 7:15 parents may drop their students off at the Shipyard (gym) doors, or cafeteria for breakfast and say goodbye; from 7:15-7:25 parents may drop their students off at their classroom door and say goodbye.


  • If your student stays home due to illness, please contact Nurse Jill before returning to school. 512-268-8501 or
  • If your student is absent, please email excuses and dr’s notes to our Attendance Clerk, Deborah, at within 5 school days. The student’s first and last name, date, and reason must be included for each absence. Attendance is taken at 10:00 am – if your student is not in the building at that time, they will be counted absent.


  • Visitors can have lunch with students in the cafeteria. You must stop at the front office with proper ID and receive your name badge first. Report to the cafeteria to meet your child - only your child may sit with you – then check out with the front office when lunch has concluded. Classroom hallways are NOT OPEN to visitors during instructional time 7:30 – 2:55.
  • The front office does not deliver. Your student will be called down from class to get any lunches, water bottles or forgotten items. Please LABEL all items with student’s name and teacher.
  • We will NOT accept food from meal delivery services! Visitors may still bring restaurant food for their students.


  • School gets out at 2:55 pm.
  • Every family must choose ONE form of dismissal: Walker, Independent Walker, Car Rider, Bus, or After-School Care. If there are any variations to your student’s dismissal, these need to be on a SET SCHEDULE for the teacher to follow.
  • Transportation changes are a LAST RESORT and will only be accepted for family emergencies/unforeseen circumstances. These are to be requested through Kaci in the front office by 2:00. 512-268-8501 or Teacher’s name must be included.
  • The LATEST a student can be picked up early before dismissal is 2:15. PLEASE PLAN DOCTOR APPOINTMENTS ACCORDINGLY. It is your responsibility to know the student’s teacher when picking them up.
  • Students MUST be picked up by 3:15 at the latest. The Front Office closes at 3:30.


  • Please contact your student’s teacher prior to bringing treats – they will give you classroom allergy info and class count.
  • Parents cannot attend birthday celebrations in the classroom. Birthday treats will only be handed out to students during the last 15 minutes of the day. Hays CISD recommends individually wrapped items (ex. Little Debbie treats). Homemade items will not be accepted. Please do not bring drinks! Balloons may NOT be taken into the school beyond the reception area.
  • Parents are not allowed to bring food for other children for lunch – no “birthday pizza”, etc. for the class. This is strictly prohibited due to federal guidelines.


YMCA/Extend-a-Care – On site: 512-236-9622,

Rocking Horse Academy: 512-405-3700

Stepping Stone Kyle: 512-268-0123

Stepping Stone Plum Creek: 512-262-7409

Kyle Bright Beginnings: 512-312-4341