Meeting Notes 5.6.21

Posted by Harvest Coats on 5/6/2021

Diversity Advisory Council
May 6, 2021
I. Welcome
A. Meeting called to order at 4:30pm.
II. Reading and Approval of Minutes
A. Minutes approved as read
III. Group Activity - Daniel
A. Daniel - shares a group activity with the council (see slides)
1. Activity consisted of other districts’ mission statements.
2. The purpose of the activity was to look into our mission
statement as compared to other districts. We are lacking in
various areas. We are trying to attract more people to our
district so diversity, equity and inclusion should be included.
B. Everyone takes a minute to look over information presented
1. Marcia - liked the word “deliberate”
2. Judith - liked the part about persevering in the face of pressure
3. Sarah - appreciated the part about aligning our words with
4. Jackie - felt like we have left out “treating students with dignity
and respect” out of our current mission statement
5. Crystal - appreciates the parts of the information stating
“student success” and “all walks of life” on the first slide;
appreciates acknowledgements of Black students listed first on
the second slide and the mentioning of students with special
6. Daniel asks if our current mission statement needs fixing, and
Sabrina adds that our current mission statement does not
mention equity at all
7. Sabrina mentions that it is time to “call them out.” Call out the
issues affecting our district as seen on the second slide. We
have not been having critical conversations and it’s time that
we do.
IV. Reports of Action Plan Committees (All slides provide links)
A. CRC & PD - Judith Martinez
1. PD choices have been emailed out to everyone for review prior
to the meeting
a) Describes the goal of CRC and PD committee
b) Crystal asks if we maybe need more time
c) Sabrina gives an overview of Dr. Medley
d) Hilary provides an overview of Dr. Brown
e) Jennifer provides more information about NAPE
f) DAC PD vote
2. ELAR and Library Curriculum - Diverse catalogue process
a) Hilary spoke because Brittany Cox was not able to attend
B. ELHO - Angele Taylor (All slides provide links)
1. Provided an overview of her team’s work
a) Elementary - enrichment and specials list - thank you
b) Crystal - possibility of putting together a group of diverse
teachers to help recruit teachers to the district
C. ICC - Marcia Holsonbake (All slides provide links)
1. Gave a definition of ICC on slide
2. Discussed ideal ICC member
a) Appreciated the SPED perspective on her team
3. Goal for Campus ICCs: host 4 action items in the school year
V. Unfinished Business
A. DAC Logo Vote - Peyton asked for guidance from Dr. Wright, as we did
not meet quorum
B. Decided that logo votes will be asked for from those who were not
able to attend the last meeting
C. Google Form will be sent out for the vote
VI. New Business
A. Bylaw Amendment Feedback
1. Jorge - we know what we would like to see, so it would be good
to have a way to encourage others who we see potential in to
run for the position of DAC representative
a) Peyton - asked clarifying questions: what would this look
like? An endorsement?
b) Jackie - thought we should leave it open to whomever
would like to run
c) Dr. Wright - suggested an orientation w/ outgoing
members w/ those interested before an election takes
d) After discussion, majority agreed that it would be best to
include a section in the Membership portion of the
bylaws with explicit responsibilities of the outgoing DAC
Member; The member would be responsible for
educating the campus community and/or newly elected
DAC member about their time on the DAC.
2. Catherine - feels like sexual orientation should be there in
Article 3, Number 4
a) Tony suggested adding sexual orientation, sex, gender,
and gender identity to that article
3. Jennifer - thought we should add more explicit language about
diversity, equity, and inclusion
a) Exec. Board will consider the inclusion of more terms
and add an addendum or footnote of a location to find a
more comprehensive list of terms
b) The terms provided by Jennifer were created by E3 with
their diversity consultant and the Exec. Board will put
them on our website with a citation about where they
are coming from.
B. Adoption of Amended Bylaws - vote - Sabrina will send out bylaws
with edits to be voted on virtually because we did not meet quorum
C. Google form will be included.
D. Official bylaws will be updated based on membership input and sent
out once they are officially approved
E. 21-22 Membership - Google Form (See articles in bylaws)
1. Sabrina asked that all members think about their time and
commitment to the DAC and the responsibilities of a DAC
2. A Google form will be sent out asking if a member wants to
continue on the DAC.
VII. Adjourn
A. Meeting adjourned at 6:09pm