Meeting Notes 4.1.21

Posted by Harvest Coats on 4/1/2021

Diversity Advisory Council Meeting 

April 1, 2021

  1. Welcome (4:30 pm start) 
  2. Social Contract 
    1. Practice Mindfulness & Empathy when addressing DEI issues 
    2. Continue to check your implicit biases 
    3. Be supportive of all  
    4. Transparency (direct/honest communication)  
    5. Focus on Respect & understanding of each other
    6. Listen with an open mind
    7. Everyone has a voice
    8. Stay student and goal oriented
    9. Be united and supportive of council decisions
  3. Reading and Approval of Minutes (Minutes reviewed and approved) 
  4. Reports of Action Plan Committees 
    1. CRC & PD - Judith Martinez
      1. Recommendations for job description for consultant, want someone outside of the district, proven track record, considerations for interview committee 
      2. Working on ideas for DAC PD to vote at the next meeting, and a way they would like it presented. 
      3. Will work on collaboration with other committees to see the overlap 
      4. Starting points for improving culturally responsive resources
        1. Librarians creating a database of culturally responsive literature
        2. More access to digital platforms like Youtube 
        3. Expansion of the Lehman Math project 
        4. Working on district wide culturally responsive PD 
    2. ELHO - Angele Taylor 
      1. Reviewing course guides to see what is available across each high school 
      2. There is not a list of enrichment or specials for Elementary so working with C&I to create the list
      3. Training on Listen and Look for in job interviews.  Many times we just are listening for what we want to hear. 
      4. Possibly centralizing hiring 
      5. Campus profile vs. District profile for interviews  
      6. Standardized interview questions


  1. ICC - Marcia Holsonbake - 
    1. Still working on a definition of what ICC would look like. They have not gotten to the checklist yet, but will once they get to a definition. (See slide for research information) 
    2.  Want a solid foundation for their structure. They also want the core members of the team. DAC must be a part of the committee. Core committee members are dedicated to the work, passionate and having the time and knowledge.  
  1. Unfinished Business
    1. DAC Logo Vote 
      1. Option 3 won, however we did not have enough members to pass the vote due to the lack of attendance. 
  2. New Business
  3. Data Shallow Dive
    1. Who we serve- Directly, Immediately, and Collaboratively: Sphere of influence, who we interact with on a daily basis, think bigger than yourself. Look into data based off the TAPR report. (Dr. Wright can get more up to date information)  The TAPR report is always 2 years behind due to the way reporting works. We need to think about who we serve and how we impact them with our choices. 
    2. Group conversations - Critical conversations about the purpose of the TAPR for hiring reports.  Much more conversations could have been had.  
    3. Members wanted more time to discuss the demographics of each school. 
  4. Membership Activity - “Why” of the activity is because we are looking towards the future of DAC.  We want to make sure all those who are members are committed to the time and action required for the coming school year. 
    1. Consider the ideal DAC member 
      1. Privilege being a part of DAC, being an ally
      2. Know how to use your privilege 
      3. Understanding of their privilege
      4. Listener without judgement
      5. Having a call to action 
      6. Are committed
      7. Have courage and a voice to share and advocate for others 
      8. Do strive for change 
      9. Impact and Action 
      10. Inspired to promote and see through with change 
      11. Have the ability to to be open-minded and “seeing” the other side
      12. Have an inquisitive mind-knowing our “Why?”  
  5. Action Plan Committee Time (if time allows) - No time 
  6. Next Meeting - May 6th 
    1. Meet with your action plan committee
    2. Board will meet with point people 
    3. Amendments to the by- laws are coming especially regarding membership, please expect an email that must be reviewed prior to the meeting 
  7. Adjourn (6:01 pm)