March 4, 2021

Posted by Harvest Coats on 3/4/2021

I. Welcome (4:31)
II. Social Contract Review
A. Practice Mindfulness & Empathy when addressing DEI issues
B. Continue to check your implicit biases
C. Be supportive of all
D. Transparency (direct/honest communication)
E. Focus on Respect & understanding of each other
F. Listen with an open mind
G. Everyone has a voice
H. Stay student and goal oriented
I. Be united and supportive of council decisions
III. DAC Executive Board Information
A. Peyton: Our purpose as an executive board is:
● To facilitate communication between the action team committees, community, and council,
● To offer suggestions and provide support from an outside perspective to all stakeholders,
● To maintain the integrity of the council by ensuring the collective is moving towards clear, unified goals
B. Peyton- CC all of the executive board about information about action committees and all other business.
IV. Areas of Refinement for DAC Board
A. Chain of communication
1. Any and all questions should be sent to the DAC Board first. We are working together to make sure we are all on the same page and then one of us will respond.
B. Scheduling
1. Please be patient as check ins are coming. We want to meet with each group but coordinate our schedules.
C. Meeting Notes/moving forward
1. Meeting Notes will be sent after each meeting. Please contact the DAC board for any clarification or questions
V. Clarification of Terms
A. Daniel: Qualify Key Terms( (4:42)
1. DAC - Diversity Advisory Council
2. DAC Executive Board
a) Facilitator, Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary
3. Action Plan Committees
4. Robert’s Rules of Order
5. Inclusive Campus Culture (ICC)
6. Culturally Responsive Curriculum & PD (CRC & PD)
7. Equitable Learning & Hiring Opportunities (ELHO)
VI. Team Activity
A. Baby Parable (4:40)
1. Sabrina: Peyton tries to save a starfish drying on the beach, and then attempts to save another, and then another. Someone comes up and asks, “why are you doing this you can't save all the starfish?” “I can at least save this one” - This is singular individual change
2. Sabrina: Peyton sees a baby floating down a river and puts it to the side. She sees more and more floating down and saves them. More people join her trying to save the waves of babies floating until Peyton stops saving the babies. The people around her question him and she explains, She is going to see, and stop what is causing this- This is transformative change
a) Sabrina: Transformative change is what we are striving for so when you are working in your committees think about transformative change. We are all striving for transformative change for ourselves and the district as a whole.
3. Becoming Anti-racist,
(1) Zone 1 Fear
(2) Zone 2 Learning
(3) Zone 3 Growth
b) London- Sees examples and charts of growth in health class, seen this chart previously
4. Breakout Rooms (4:45)
5. Group Sharing (5:00)
a) Daniel- “We are in good hands HR rep. Marivel Sedillo”
b) Sarah Simmons- “Your soul needs a rest when attempting to be an activist. ‘In a choir when they have to sustain a long beautiful note, you go silent and take a breath as your neighbors take a breath, and you are ready to take a breath for them. It is helpful knowing there are people around that will keep singing'”
c) Marcia Holsonbake- Thank you for authenticity Sarah, It is exhausting, tiring to be Anti-Racist
d) Sabrina- Podcast with Brene Brown and Emmanuel Acho- Talking about uncomfortable conversations with a black man, talk about being racist when being called out causes shame, and being anti racist is hard work
e) Brittany Cox- Good to hear from our students Violet, and Jakob
VII. Logo Design Information
A. Steffon, graphic designer prepared six designs
B. Vote, table items
C. Google vote with old logos next meeting for vote
VIII. Action Plan Committees
1. Changing the “hiring culture” of Hays CISD.
a) Working with Marivel Sedillo (Director of HR)
2. Equitable Academic Opportunities-Enhancing equitable academic opportunities to embody ALL students across the district
a) Need a contact at C&I to get necessary information.
Goal To develop a district/campus culture of accountability for both students and adults on issues of inclusion, which invites individual and collective responsibility for inclusion.
Objective To develop an ICC committee at each campus within the district that includes 1 volunteer POC
1. Each campus ICC committee will include the DAC rep, a volunteer POC, and 1 other member. 1 member of the campus ICC should attend CLT meetings.
2. We will create and provide each campus with a foundations checklist and plan to include phases for committee growth.
3. Each campus will have a designated District ICC member to provide monthly support and to ensure the campus ICC is aligned with the DAC goals.
4. The district ICC Team will hold quarterly meetings where 1 representative from each campus ICC committee will attend. The goal of these meetings is to promote collaboration, provide a safe supportive space, and for the district ICC team to measure the progress of each campus regarding the phases of campus and community integration.
1. Purpose- Attempt to foster culturally responsive curriculum and PD
2. Professional development ideas- Brainstorm ideas in teacher lead
3. The district has applied to a grant for CRC, attempt to work on proficient teaching practice working with counselor on Lehman campus over three years
4. Suggest outside consultant next year
IX. Discussion of DAC Budget Proposal
A. Vote Passes
X. Next Steps
A. Interim work & reflection: Please be meeting with your committees
1. Next committee check ins will be the week of March 22nd - 26th
B. Self-reflection work (Spring Break)
1. Sabrina is putting together a list of resources that can be used as your own personal PD and she will send it out before Spring Break
2. Remember, not only are we working on systemic change but also self-reflection and change within ourselves
C. Next meeting date: 4/1/2021 D. Book Club Dates and Reading-- Me and White Supremacy: 1. Wednesday, March 10th 5-5:45 – Book Opener through Week 2. Wednesday, April 14th 5-5:45 (Weeks 2 & 3) 3. Wednesday, May 12th 5-5:45 (Week 4 + the rest of the book) 4. ** Contact Peyton if you would like to join ***
XI. Discuss with principals about using DAC hours for the 16 hours teachers need to complete. Dr. Wright fully endorses this and will back the suggestion.
XII. Closing (5:57)
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