February 4, 2021

Posted by Harvest Coats on 2/4/2021

  1. Welcome- Sabrina
  • Welcome and notice we will use Roberts Rules of Order next meeting, Refer to “cheat sheet” Jakob sent out via email on 2.3.21
  • Opening activity- Reasonable Doubt poem from article Sabrina Read, and teaching Culturally Responsive classes
    • Author wrote and article in response to the killing of Treyvon Martin
    • Poem- Reasonable Doubt- Crystal Volunteers
    • We will break into groups to discuss- 12 minutes to debrief
    • Coming back as a group debriefing
      1. Angele shares her experience at her college in Nebraska- noticed the clerk was following her. A new friend stood up for her and a group even just stopped shopping there
      2. Crystal shared that the chance to have these crucial conversations, and how people of hispanic heritage and mexican students aren’t treated fairly either. We need to be willing to be vulnerable, have the conversations and learning, sharing and learning more. Finding out where our ignorances are, and where we can grow
      3. Daniel felt like what Crystal said about loving who someone is for who they are, but not taking away their identity. I love you for who you are, I don’t want to be seen as everyone else and I want my culture to be recognized. Let people show you who they are, do not make assumptions
      4. Luis- shared his group talked about race and labelism, “low functioning” “High functioning”, appropriate terminology, what is the process and how do we get district approval when it is appropriate to bring this up with our students in the curriculum in the day. Who do we get the curriculum, is there guidelines etc. So we make sure we are all learning, and changing things together for the betterment of our students.
      5. General- Emotion response, Anger, Sadness, Humility
    • Continuum of Cultural Competence- Competence vs. Humility
      1. Know the difference between CC vs. CH
      2. Cultural Humility takes competence a step forward by always growing and learning and challenging ourselves to live in the tension that comes from having critical/crucial conversations
      3. Keep in mind the whole purpose to do for the district is to move forward.
      4. Moving forward with being vulnerable, asking questions, sharing, not being bystanders, empowering others
      5. Remove the negativity and start moving towards the action
      6. In response to Luis: That is the purpose of this council is to educate and be able to have all teachers and staff in the district be culturally humble and be able to address these issues as they arise
  1. Social Contract Review
  • Practice Mindfulness & Empathy when addressing DEI issues
  • Continue to check your implicit biases
  • Be supportive of all
  • Transparency (direct/honest communication)
  • Focus on Respect & understanding of each other
  • Listen with an open mind
  • Everyone has a voice
  • Stay student and goal oriented
  • Be united and supportive of council decisions
  1. Needs Assessment Action Team Presentation
  • Jennifer Saenz, Survey results
    • Passion- What are you passionate about
      1. Racism
      2. Equity in Academic opportunities
      3. Culturally responsive PD and Curriculum
    • Campus- What does your campus need to work on most
      1. Equity in Academic opportunities
      2. Culturally responsive PD and Curriculum
      3. Implicit Bias
    • District- What does district need to work on
      1. Racism
      2. Equity in Academic opportunities
      3. Equitable hiring processes
    • Asks Group- Is there anything surprising you see.
      1. Michael found it hard to rank all of these but the challenge really made him think through it
      2. Angele is impressed that equitable hiring practice is heartwarming to see. She thought she was the only one
      3. Jennifer shared that there is hard data showing that if students have teachers of the same ethnicity do better overall
      4. Maggie- Found it interesting how LBTGQ ranks so far down, but campus wide it made it towards the top, then district wide back to the bottom. Hoping that we don’t ignore what is higher on the list. Hope we can pick what is possible to make the highest impact
      5. Jennifer answered survey as if we did this one thing, how would it trickle down to the other areas
        • The district can work on hiring while on a campus level we work on things for the campus
  • If we were to act now, what would we act on?
  • Jennifer’s presentation- we want to make sure our district is focused on providing equity
  1. Sabrina- Action Team google form to prioritize what subcommittee each member would prefer to join
  • Culturally Responsive PD
  • Equitable in Learning Opportunities/Hiring
  • Inclusive Campus Culture
  1. Action Meeting Objectives and Expectations
  • Peyton- Sharing about Action Team-Thanked everyone for their patience, enthusiasm and grace as they start putting things together
  • Thanked the action team for all their hard work putting the survey together to inform next steps!
  • Vision and Committee Info- Expectations
    • Define purpose- What should be, and will be the role of this subcommittee? Why is this subcommittee necessary? What problems necessitate this subcommittee? How can we mend those problems?
    • Define Roles- Who will take notes, who will communicate, who will be the spokesperson. Make sure we have a structure to cover all the bases.
    • Define Objectives (Goals)
      1. Action Plan vs Actionable Items- Goals that turn into an action team/plan
      2. Action plans and items can evolve and change, but make sure we have a direction to head towards and the goals identified with the end in mind.
      3. Identify 1 Actionable Item today, or before the next meeting, executive council doesn't want to cause too much stress with deadlines but also make sure that we do get work to make change too
      4. All teams will have autonomy of their own. The Exec. Board is here to support subcommittees, and make sure everyone is in the loop both in meetings and in between as work is being one
      5. Help update everyone so we know what is going on, and to identify if there is overlap between teams
    • In your committees- keep in mind if the system changes, changes from the inside out or outside in, conversations on campuses.
    • Should a DAC member be on the Campus Leadership Team? To help bridge the gap between the council and campus...this is an example of a systems change.
    • Make sure your actionable items are clear towards moving to the goal of being more equitable and inclusive
  • Daniel- shared the Executive Board is the bridge between committees and the big stress is the autonomy of the committee. Committees are in charge of when they meet etc. The ball is in the committees court to get the work started, Exec. committee is there to help
    • After you define your roles and find one actionable item to help get the ball rolling.
      1. Maybe create an email group, or read an article or a book that is relatable to the subject.
      2. Something that you can achieve in the near future
    • Email the whole executive Team please email the whole executive team for transparency
  • Jakob- is important to contact. Let him know if you can not come to meetings, he is going to take attendance and help with communication.  Always CC Sabrina
    • If you have questions about the agenda or meetings let him know. Always include Sabrina
    • He is looking forward to fulfilling his position as Secretary
    • He is up late too, so you can email at any time, he will get back to you quickly
  • Peyton- Book club is coming up, so please join us if you can! She sent the survey but some came back!
  • 15th- Daniel wants each action committee to send 3 possible dates to meet with the Executive Council
  1. Breakout room discussion
  • Culturally Responsive PD
    • Brittany Cox
    • Hillary Adamson
    • Jennifer Saenz
    • Judith Martinez
    • Judith Roberson
  • Equitable in Learning Opportunities/Hiring
    • Angele Taylor
    • Chris Nieto
    • Crystal Moore
      1. Want to see district hiring statistics to observe trends in hiring processes
    • Florina Arevalos
    • Gaston Romero
    • Juan Cardenas
    • Marivel Sedillo
      1. From HR, Provides insight in district hiring process
    • Micheal Whitehawk
    • Patricia Melgar-Cook
    • Serenity
    • Tricia Martinez
  • Inclusive Campus Culture
    • Addie Petrea
    • Alma Medina
    • Catherine Lively
      1. Wants students to feel safe, and welcome and in an environment they can thrive in
    • Dawn Brunkenhoefer
    • Lisa Walls
    • Maggie Patterson
    • Marcia Holkenbake
    • Sarah Juarez
    • Satah Martinez
    • Tony Cesario
  1. Closing Business
  • Wright- Shared he is excited about what is to come, everyone’s work, and looks forward to the action steps about to be put in place
  • Next meeting is March 4th
    • A version of Roberts rules of order in following meetings
    • Committees should set up meetings with the Executive Board the week of 2/15
    • Committees should be prepared to present a skeleton of their Action Plan at the next meeting