Memorial Fund for the Family of JP Burchett

Posted by Tim Savoy on 10/26/2020

photo of the family

From the Go Fund Me page:

Amanda Burchett, art teacher at Kyle Elementary, and her three boys (whom attend Kyle Elementary) lost their husband and dad, JP, today - October 23, 2020. Others have lost a son, a brother, and in my case, a dear and trustworthy friend. This tragic moment brings us to our knees in sorrow and prayer.

Join us in support of the Burchetts in these difficult days, bearing this heavy burden with them. Let's surround them with prayer and financial help.

JP needs little introduction. He was a fiercely devoted husband and father, and a deeply loyal friend. JP was a servant and treated friends like family. Many of us experienced JP's acts of kindness before we even really knew him, going far out of his way to help anyone in need. And the longer you knew him, the more you got to understand the deep well from which he served and the joy he experienced in taking care of others. This joy of caring for and serving others can have no other source than his Lord, Jesus. Though we cry out in pain and loss, we know JP is with Him, and trust his joy is now complete. JP has heard Christ's words: "Well done, good and faithful servant." and "Today you shall be with me in joy.”

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