September 23, 2020 Email from the Superintendent: Hays CISD In-Person Class Schedule Update

Posted by Tim Savoy on 9/23/2020

Dear Hays CISD Family,

As promised by Chief Communication Officer Tim Savoy, we have an update on how scheduling will look regarding in-person classes, which start on Monday.

Yesterday, I met with our principals and academic leadership team. Based on input, favorable feedback, and popularity with teachers, parents, and students; our in-person schedules will mirror as closely as possible our virtual schedules. Our ‘Return-to-School COVID Response Plan’ says that upon return to in-person learning, students would resume a more traditional schedule. However, the block-style scheduling at the secondary level has been working well and it makes sense to keep that in place. This will allow for fewer in-person hallway transitions and for a more seamless switch between in-person and virtual learning for students and teachers, if that is needed later.

Since each campus is a bit different, based on the exact number of students and teachers who will be returning in-person by campus, be sure to look for specific scheduling information from your child’s school. Campuses have some autonomy to create schedules that work best for their individual needs. For example, Simon Middle School has an innovative schedule that may be a bit different from other middle schools.

As we continue to work our way through the COVID pandemic, we know that there will be changes, glitches, and mistakes, and that everything will not be perfect. That’s OK. How we may start this school year is not how we will finish. Our teachers, staff, parents, students, and district leadership all know that, together, we are working through an immensely challenging and changing predicament.

I’m looking forward to Monday to welcome back, in-person, our students who will be returning. Let’s continue to give each other grace and understanding. Our steadfast focus is to offer the best educational experiences possible for our students. Everything else – all of the logistics – will work out.