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5th & 8th Graders Surpass STAAR Expectations

decorative image of a star Hays CISD received the results of the first round of STAAR tests for district 5th and 8th graders this week and students have exceeded all of the improvement and performance goals set by the Board of Trustees. Passing STAAR test results are reported by groups of students who approach, meet, and master grade level material.

The district’s largest single gain from the 2017 -2018 school year was in the 5th grade math “masters” category, where students demonstrated a 14% increase this school year compared to last. Other double digit percentage gains occurred in the 8th grade math and 8th grade reading categories.

The district saw increases in every category compared with last school year – the approaches, meets, and masters groups for both grade levels on both tests. And, the district anticipates that the results will only improve before the end of the school year, because students who didn’t pass the STAAR tests during the first round can retake them.

View the first round results online.