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My Students

My student population for my Outdoor Adventure/PE course consists of a mixture of young adults from the city, sub-urban area, farms, and ranches. They want to perform hands-on activities and to be challenged. The course teaches the students life skills for the outdoors as well as communication skills and comradeship. The students' attitude toward the course sets a positive vibe for all of the activities that they are taught.

My Project

Our students all want to learn how to fish, use archery equipment, and to cook using Dutch Oven ironware. The equipment will allow multiple students to participate at one time instead of having to create multiple teams. The students will be able to compete in local fishing tournaments and the annual state archery tournament. The Dutch Oven cooking is done at the end of each semester as a cooking life skill and as a reward for all of their new accomplishments. As a novice to expert, the students will build on their communication and comradeship. The students will also appreciate and understand what a good deed is and how people do care about them.