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Food Allergy Awareness

A letter from the School Nurse

Dear Parents:

In our Wallace student population, we have quite a few children who have severe food allergies. Some of our student’s allergies are so severe they can experience a life threatening allergic reaction if they are in close proximity to nuts, nut containing foods, or packaging of nut containing foods.

In order to protect our students, we will advise all students not to consume nuts, or nut containing products in class. This includes peanuts, almonds, cashews, nut butters, and items such as granola bars with nuts. Signage will be placed on classroom doors as a reminder. We are asking that you only send snacks for during the day that are nut free. Peanuts and tree nut products that are in individual lunch boxes are permissible in the cafeteria only, though we encourage you to consider sending other options. Sunflower seeds are not tree nuts and are allowed.

Thank you for your cooperation in making Wallace Middle School a safe place for all students.


Blair Powell BSN, RN
Hays CISD School Nurse
Wallace Middle School
(512)268-2891 Ext. 46625