Student Registration

Using the Student Registration System

    • Only access the system using Google Chrome browser.
    • Do not use Internet Explorer or Safari internet browsers to access the site
    • The system works best with a desktop or laptop computer, not mobile devices.
    • If you have a smaller computer screen, please be sure to use the scroll bars on the right and bottom of your screen to view all information.


New Students

Returning Students

  • We look forward to another great year!

    1. Register your child for the 2019-2020 school year.

    2. Do you have a child who will be a new Hays CISD student? You can add your new student to your account and register them online at the same time you register your returning student.

    3. After you complete online registration, you will receive a confirmation email with important back-to-school information.


2019-2020 School Year Registration Events

How to Access Online Registration

  • Parents access the online registration system using their Parent Self-Serve (PSS) user ID and password.

    New Families

    If you have never had a child enrolled at Hays CISD, you are a new family. Click the “Create PSS Account for New Family” link on the Online Registration login page to create your PSS account. Once you create this account, you will be able to login to the system and complete online registration process.

    Returning Families

    If you currently or previously had a child enrolled at Hays CISD, you are a returning family.

    If you currently have a child enrolled and do not have a PSS account, please visit our Parent Self-Serve webpage to create an account. If you cannot remember your account information, please email to reset your password.

    If you previously had a child enrolled, please email for account set up.


    Employees who have TEAMS access must use their computer login/LDAP username and password (given to you by Technology) to log into Online Registration.

    Even if you have never had a child enrolled in the district previously or used Parent Self-Serve (PSS) in the past, do not create a new PSS account. You must use your computer login/LDAP account credentials.


Help with Registration