2017 Growth Impact Committee Archive Page

  • The Hays CISD Growth Impact Committee reached a recommendation decision Thursday, December 8, 2016. The Board of Trustees unanimously accepted this recommendation on January 9, 2017, at a special meeting. The vote on January 9th, was a process vote to move the development of the bond proposal from the committee back into the hands of the Board so that the Board could seek public input on the recommendation and make changes based on the feedback. 

    View the Growth Impact Committee Recommendation 

Growth Impact Committee Overview

  • The Board of Trustees for Hays CISD empaneled a Growth Impact Committee in September 2016, for the purposes of assessing growth in the district and making a recommendation to the Board regarding the need for a bond initiative in 2017. The committee consisted of a mix of citizens appointed by the Board (28 voting members) and individuals invited by administration (non-voting members). A Growth Impact Committee allows a wide range of community involvement in the conversation about growth and a possible bond in 2017.

    Growth Impact Committee members met nine times between October and early December 2016.

Meeting Files & Information Library

  • Click on the blue meeting dates below to view agendas, presentations, and additional information for each meeting. Items are posted as they become available or shortly after presentation to the Growth Impact Committee or Board of Trustees. View the full projected timeline here


  • Note: This library does not represent a complete list of all presentations or materials used by the Growth Impact Committee. This page is intended to provide easy access to the most important presentations and documents presented to the committee. Documents not available electronically are not posted. Any material used by the Growth Impact Committee is available for public inspection. If you do not see the document you are seeking on this page, please send your request to openrecords@hayscisd.net.