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2017 Bond Process Overview

  • Bond proposals in Hays CISD start and end with the community. Voters collectively decide whether to approve projects presented in a bond.

    Growth Impact Committee Phase

    In September 2016, the Board of Trustees for Hays CISD empanelled a Growth Impact Committee for the purposes of assessing growth in the district and making a recommendation to the Board regarding the need for a bond initiative in 2017. The committee consisted of a mix of citizens appointed by the Board (28 voting members) and individuals invited by administration (non-voting members). A Growth Impact Committee model allows for a wide range of community involvement in the conversation about growth and possible bonds. The Growth Impact Committee members met nine times between October and early December 2016.

    Board Review & Public Forums

    Following acceptance of the Growth Impact Committee's recommendation, the Board of Trustees held public forums to allow for additional public comment. These forums took place in January and early February. On February 6, 2017, the Board made critical decisions regarding what would be included in the bond. These decisions and adjustments were based public forum feedback and public comment about the original Growth Impact Committee recommendation.

    Key changes the Board made to the original Growth Impact Committee included:

    1. Adding the Hays High School Baseball and Softball complex into the bond proposal.

    2. Removing the Central Services Center from consideration at this time.

    3. Reducing the transportation facility scope to realize a cost reduction of $1,200,000.

    4. Adding language to the final project list that dedicates any bond savings from a reduced cost of the new school construction projects to be used to pay down existing debt, which returns the money to the taxpayers. Further, adding language to the final project list that upon completion of all other projects, the total savings will also be dedicated to paying down existing debt.

    5. Reducing the "Facility Assessment: District-wide Improvements" line-item scope by $1,926,591, to achieve a total bond proposal that does not exceed $250,000,000.   

    6. Splitting the bond proposal into two propositions: (1) The three new schools, and (2) all other items.

    Call for Election

    On February 13, 2017, the Board adopted an election order calling for a May 6, 2017, bond election. 

    Informational Sessions Prior to Election

    During the period between the Board calling for an election and election day, which in 2017 is February to May 6th, the school district provides information to voters and a variety of community groups. This allows voters to make informed decisions at the polls.