Facilities & Bond Oversight Committee (FBOC)

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    The citizen's Facilities & Bond Oversight Committee (FBOC) was created following the passage of the Hays CISD 2014 bond to add an additional measure of transparency and community involvement.  The purpose of the FBOC is to help ensure the original intent of a bond package is implemented on time, with quality, with transparency, and within budget.

    In Hays CISD, citizen-appointed Growth Impact Committees (GICs) develop bond proposals and make recommendation to the Board of Trustees at the beginning of the process. The FBOC follows implementation of projects that voters approve until they are completed.

Bond Progress Charts

  • The Bond Oversight Committee established the practice of reviewing regular reports regarding the progress of implementing bond projects that have been approved by voters. The most recent reports for the district's active bonds are below:

    link to current 2017 bond progress pdf
    link to most current 2014 bond progress chart pdf

Meeting Information and Archives

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