Payment for Meals

  • Pre-Payments or Ticket System

    Hays CISD Child Nutrition operates on a debit meal system. This means that pre-payment of meals can be taken in any increment. The pre-payments in turn are applied to purchases made in that account. Hays CISD promotes the use of the pre-payment system to insulate students from the possibility of forgetting breakfast or lunch money.

    Pay Online

    The most convient way to pay for meals is using the online system below.

    (Scroll down for more ways to pay and other payment and account information)

Additional Payment & Account Information

  • Prepay In Person

    State and Federal regulations apply to the purchase of meal tickets or any pre-payment, so the following rules apply:

    Pre-payments are accepted every morning in the cafeteria. The cafeteria manager or a designee will be available in the dining room for any pre-payments before and during breakfast. Regulations disallow us from accepting pre-payments on the serving line, so please do not present the cashier with your pre-payments.

    Using a Check: Please provide the student's full name and ID number on the bottom of the check and make it out to Hays Child Nutrition.

    Using Cash: Pre-payment envelopes are available if parents prefer to send cash. When using the pre-payment envelopes, take great care in filling out the student’s name (first & last), the amount of the pre-payment and the student’s ID account number. This aids in assuring prompt and accurate credit in the student's account. 

    Low or Negative Account Balance

    Weekly low and negative balance slips are sent home with the child. This notification will indicate either the low balance or the amount owed. Any money received will be applied to outstanding balances first.

    Additional Sales 

    The Child Nutrition Service urges students to purchase only nutritionally sound meals that are provided daily. However, students are allowed to buy extra items such as an additional entrée or an a la carte item. Please visit our Café Menus page to view all a la carte options and prices. These items often include: low-fat cheeses, 100% juice bars, reduced-fat ice creams and cookies, baked chips, 100% juice, and bottled water. Our cash registers are computerized and have the capability of "locking out" students from such purchases. If you would prefer that your student does not purchase extras (or would like to modify what/when they may purchase), please contact the Child Nutrition Office and we will put a "lock out" on your student's account. Restrictions can be made to your child's account by calling the Child Nutrition Office at (512)268-1336.

    Outside Food

    The Child Nutrition Service provides students with a variety of nutritious options every day. If your child brings his or her lunch from home, please ensure that it is comprised of nutritionally sound choices. Because we are committed to providing healthy lunches, we discourage parents from bringing fast food to school. Fast food does not typically fit into the healthy food concept and may impact the moral of other students.

2019-20 Cafe Meal Prices