Mission, Vision, Beliefs & Goals

  • picture of a compass Mission Statement (adopted 08/29/2022)

    The mission of Hays CISD is to educate, value, and nurture students through innovative and personalized educational experiences while celebrating our diversity.

    Vision Statement
    (adopted 08/29/2022)

    All Hays CISD learners will be:

    • highly sought-after for college, career, or military
    • prepared for life and responsible citizenship
    • effective communicators and collaborators
    • resourceful and creative problem solvers

    (adopted 08/29/2022)

    We believe:

    • Decision making is student-focused
    • All students have the capacity to learn and be successful
    • A safe and secure environment is essential
    • Success is a shared investment that includes learners, educators, families and the community
    • In being an unrivaled employee-friendly organization
    • The allocation of resources will support high quality learning
    • High expectations for all lead to high achievement
    • Open communication, transparency, and accountability build trust
    • Success is dependent upon a commitment to lifelong learning  
    • Diverse and differentiated opportunities further learning
    • Student success includes a well-rounded education that goes beyond standardized testing


    Hays CISD Board Goals for 2022-2023 (adopted September 26, 2022)

    Student Achievement Goal: Through attention to individual students’ needs, each campus will demonstrate continuous improvement by showing academic growth and student engagement including intervention and enrichment. The District will evaluate and address the needs of each student. Students will receive academic advising and shall utilize data, based upon aptitude, ability, and career inventory data to formulate their plan of study for high school credit beginning in the spring semester of their 5th grade year. Results from advising data will be shared with parents/guardians. Student academic performance, college and career readiness, character and power skills will be evaluated to ensure success.

    School Safety & Security Goal—A safe environment must include secure facilities, staff and student training, and our adopted standard response protocol. The district will partner with local and state entities to assure preparedness. Specific areas addressed are physical and cybersecurity, data privacy, campus access, detecting and reporting possible threats, and local and global crises. The district will be compliant with all local, state and federal laws and regulations related to school safety and security. All exterior and interior doors will be locked and properly numbered. Emergency response updates will be communicated timely, as appropriate. We will maintain an environment of trust between adults and all students.

    Board/Staff/Community Relations Goal—The district will cultivate a culture of positive engagement and public service requiring empathy, visibility, trust, and communication. Effective communication through all appropriate avenues is a priority, and staff will be offered training in these areas. Our district is committed to increasing customer service and client engagement both internally and externally. The Board will receive an annual update regarding proposed recommendations made to the Superintendent received from the Diversity Advisory Council regarding efforts to improve our diversity and inclusion initiatives to remove systemic obstacles for all students. The district will continue to provide the Board with timely calendar updates regarding district events, as appropriate.