Transportation Department

  • school bus The Hays CISD Transportation Department serves all of the district's transportation needs. With a bus fleet of more than 200 strong, the Transportation Department is responsible for safely bringing 11,000 students to school and returning them home - every day. For many students, their bus driver is the first Hays CISD team member they see in the morning and the last school official they see at the end of the day. The transportation department logs on average 2.5 million miles a year. 

Department Contact Information

  • Please call the Transportation Department with concerns about your child’s bus. The department has 2-way radio communication with all buses. Drivers alert the dispatcher of any problems they may be having.

    2385 High Road
    Uhland, Texas 78640
    Fax 512-268-7372
    Hours 5:00am - 6:30pm

    Buda, Carpenter Hill, Elm Grove, Dahlstrom and Hays High School 

    Hours 5:45am - 5:00pm

    All other Campuses and Hays High School
    Hours 5:00am - 6:30pm

    Hours 5:00am - 6:00pm

    512-268-8476 x45119
    Hours 5:00am - 6:30pm

Bus Safety

  • Student safety is the primary concern of the Transportation Department. Statistics show that the most dangerous time for students is before entering or after exiting the bus. The Transportation Department considers the environment and age of the students when determining bus stops. The department attempts to place every bus stop at a location with reasonable safety assurances for students. Parents must assume the responsibility for their students traveling back and forth from home to the stop.  Students are expected to be at their stops five minutes before the scheduled time of the bus arrival.


    bus danger zone graphic


Department Staff

Additional Considerations

    • PK students will be returned to their home campuses if no one is available to receive them, when being dropped off during the mid-day without their KN-05 peers. Child Protective Services may be called for students that are frequently returned undeliverable. We ask that PK parents, or an authorized adult, be at home at the time the students are dismissed from school. The drop off time can vary depending on how many students are riding the bus that day.
    • A consistent pick-up and drop off location will ensure that your child will be on the right bus going to the right place. Constant changes cause confusion for the child, teacher and the bus drivers. Changes to bus stop locations are not allowed unless approved by the Transportation Department. Letters will go out to the parents when routes or stops are changed, prior to the execution of these changes.
    • When there is a need to change your child’s drop off destination, the teacher and the bus driver must have a written note with a parent signature and be approved by the school office personnel.
    • Students are expected to be out at their stops 5 minutes before the scheduled time of the bus arrival. Buses will not honk for your students.
    • Parents should discuss the bus safety rules with their child. A safety citation, given to the student, is the first step in notifying parents that their child is not following the rules and riding safely. Safety citations are primarily for elementary students and are used at the discretion of the bus driver. We are committed to the safety of our students and the safety citation is a way to open up communication with parents.
    • IMPACT Routes: Impact Route stops have remote stops. These stops cover large areas of the district. These stops help provide consistency for the route, the drivers, and the students. If you have questions, please email
    • After-School Tutorial Routes: After-school tutorial routes have neighborhood stops for the routes. These stops are similar to the stops that were utilized for Summer School routes (one to two stops per neighborhood/area). This provides consistency for the students and the drivers. Students will no longer have to register for an after-school tutorial bus unless the campus has students register so they can keep track of who should be getting on the bus. As students ride, they will be assigned the tutorial in our routing program so you can see the bus assignment in SMARTtag and verify that your student is on the bus. If you have questions about your students stop, please email us at