• This Page is Archived. In December 2021, the Board adopted the recommended plan as the election map for 2022 and after. The next scheduled change to the Hays CISD election map is following the 2030 Census. 

  • The Hays CISD Board of Trustees is comprised of seven members, five of whom are elected in single-member-districts and two who are elected at-large. Following the release of the 2020 United States Census data, school districts with single-member trustee districts are required by state and federal law to review the populations of current trustee single-member-districts and redraw election district lines (if necessary) to ensure that the single-member-districts are as nearly as practicable of equal population. The population of the most populous single-member-district cannot exceed the population of the least populous single-member-district by more than ten percent.

    On August 23, 2021, the Hays CISD Board voted to empanel an election Redistricting Advisory Committee comprised of seven citizens to advise and assist the Board in the redistricting process.

Committee Recommendation


    link to map PDF

    View draft map PLAN 2 with Data - submitted by citizen

    View zoomable recommendation map with current map outline overlay

    View Proclaimation draft addressing committee's non-binding caveats

    At the October 20, 2021, meeting, the committee voted unanimously (7 to 0) to recommend PLAN 2. The map balances voting age populations within the required differential and it preserves single-member-districts one, two, and three, as minority-majority districts. Additionally, the committee voted to include the following non-binding caveats with the map recommendation: (1) that the district continue to operate a polling location in each single-member-district on election days during the May school district elections; (2) that the single-member district 2 polling location for May elections be centrally located at Simon Middle School; and (3) that the district should be commended for it's efforts to support voter access by offering polling locations and working closely with county election officials during all elections - March, May, and November. 

    Special thanks to Buda citizen Todd Giberson for submitting PLAN 2 for the committee's consideration and ultimate adoption as the recommendation to the Board. Also, special thanks to all of the citizens who served on the redistricting committee.


Draft Maps

Committee & Process Schedule

  • Note: The committee calendar has changed. The committee completed its work on October 20, 2021. The meetings for October 27th and November 3rd are canceled. 

    Click on the image fo the chart for a downloadable, detailed PDF version of the schedule with meeting links and agenda items:link to schedule PDFNote that this timeline and process schedule is subject to change based on the needs or wishes of the committee or Board of Trustees.

Meeting Materials & Archives

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