Onboarding - New District Staff

  • Technology Account Setup for New District Staff Members
    Questions?: Technology Help Desk  HelpDesk@hayscisd.net -or- EXT. 4-HELP (44357)

  • 2.  Click on New District Staff.


  • 3.  Enter your Employee ID number

    NOTE: Employee number MUST be 6 digits. Enter leading zeros so your number = 6 digits. Enter one leading zero if your employee number is a five digit number or two leading zeros if your employee number is a four digit number. Examples: If your employee number is 12345, enter 012345. If your employee number is 5432, enter 005432.

    Click Next.

    ID number

  • 4.  Enter your birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY) and then enter the last 4 digits of your social security number.

    Click Next.


  • 5.  Set up your security questions.  You will set up three security questions.

    • Click the drop down to see the list of questions. Pick a question.
    • Enter your answer to that question. You must enter the answer twice.
    • Click Next.
    • You will need to pick two more questions with answers to complete this section and move on to setting up your password.
    • Click Next. 

     *NOTE:  Answers will be case sensitive!

    security                     twice

  • 6.  Password cannot be your name, must be a series of numbers or letters and must contain
    3 of the following 4 requirements:

    • Upper case letter
    • Lower case letter
    • Number
    • Symbols (examples:  !  @  #  $  %  ^  &  * )

    new password

  • 7.  When you have successfully set your password, you will get a message to let you know that your onboarding is complete!