Hays CISD Benefits for 23-24

  • Employee benefits are a major component of team member compensation packages. Hays CISD offers excellent medical and dental insurance, as well as a variety of other insurance products to ensure staff members are protected from unexpected life events. Hays CISD is also proud to offer staff members an employee assistance program.  Click here for more information: Deer Oaks fact sheet

    This page details the Hays CISD benefit offerings and contact information for insurance providers.


    All new hires are required to elect their initial benefits with a Benefit Advocate from our new third-party administrator, First Financial Group of America (FFGA).

    Benefits must be elected or waived within 31days of the employee's official start date. Please schedule an appointment with an advocate to make benefit choices for the 23-24 plan year: Click here to schedule.  To view the offered benefits, visit the Hays CISD benefit center here: Hays CISD Benefit Center.



    Se requiere que los nuevos empleados programen una cita con un representante de beneficios de First Financial Group of America (FFGA) para elegir sus beneficios para nuevos empleados. Haga clic aquí para programar, programar aqui.  Para revisar los beneficios ofrecidos haga clic aquí, Hays CISD centro de beneficios.


23-24 TRS ActiveCare Medical Insurance

  • Hays CISD is proud to offer a zero-cost employee plan for the 2023-24 benefit year. We are partnered with Teachers Retirement System (TRS) and their ActiveCare plans (the insurance provider with either Blue Cross Blue Shield or Scott & White, depending on the plan chosen). 

    The rates and plan highlights can be found here: 

    The district has no authority on how TRS ActiveCare processes claims.  Any questions or concerns should be referred to the medical plan directly.  Employees can contact a Personal Health Guide (PHG), who can help with claims information, medical benefits and a variety of other issues.  To connect with a PHG at Blue Cross Blue Shield, call 1-866-355-5999. For Scott & White call 1-844-633-5325.


    Medical ID cards / Blue Access for Members (BAM)

    Medical ID cards are mailed to employees from Blue Cross Blue Shield to the address listed in their benefit profile.  Should you need access to your card or need to request a replacement, digital access is available via BAM's mobile application https://www.bcbstx.com/medicare/tools-resources/blue-access-for-members.  If you do not have or know your medical ID #, you must call BCBS to obtain it at 866-355-5999, then you can create an online profile. 

    Express Scripts for BCBS Prescriptions

    Effective 9/1/2023 Teachers Retirement System (TRS) is now utilizing Express Scripts to process prescriptions for the ActiveCare-BCBS Primary and Primary+ plans only.  New ID cards will be mailed to employees at the address listed in their benefit profile.  More information can be found here Express Scripts and a profile can be created on their site here Express Scripts

    Participants in the Scott & White medical plan will utilize only one card for medical and prescription services. 

    Keep All Information Up to Date

    It is important to keep information such as emergency contact and your address up to date.  Address updates must be completed in the Employee Self Service (ESS) portal.  Once updated, email InsuranceBenefits@hayscisd.net to ensure the address is updated in the benefit portal. 

    ESS instructions here: ESS portal


Contact Information:

23-24 Supplemental Benefits

  • Hays CISD offers everything from dental, vision, term life to even pet insurance! You do not need to have health coverage to enroll in these optional benefits. 

    Learn more by visiting the Hays CISD benefit center here: Hays CISD Benefit Center

    NEW 23-24 FSA & HSA CARDS:

    Effective 9/1/2023, First Financial Group of America (FFGA) will be the new third party administrator that manages the district's benefits, to include FSA and HSA accounts. As such, contributions will no longer be made to the A+ Federal Credit Union accounts.  

    Please be on the look out for a new FSA or HSA card as they have begun to be mailed out by FFGA.  It can easily be mistaken for junk mail as it may be in a white non-descriptive envelope. 

    Employees can view contact information for the 22-23 supplemental benefits here:  22-23 Supplemental Benefits

Benefit Eligiblity

  • Eligibility
    Active employees who are TRS members are eligible for medical and supplemental benefits offered by the district. You must work 20 or more hours per week and be making retirement contributions to the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) in order to be eligible for the district contribution towards health insurance.

    Active Non-TRS members are eligible for medical coverage only. You must work 10 or more hours per week and must pay 100% of the TRS-ActiveCare medical premiums.

    New Employees
    You must enroll or decline benefits offered by the district within 31 calendar days from your actively at work date (start date).  Participation in health-care benefits will be effective on either (1) the employee's first active day of employment (physical start date) or (2) the first of the month following the first active day of employment.

    Supplemental benefits will be effective the first of the month following the first active day of employment.

    Should a new employee choose not to enroll within the initial 31 day sign-up, the next opportunity for enrollment will be during the next Annual Open Enrollment.  (Certain special events such as a change in marital status, dependent status or employment status of an employee or spouse, may qualify for an exception to this rule. Contact the benefits department within 31 days of the qualifying event for further clarification.)

    Employee Deductions

    • Hays CISD does NOT deduct Social Security.
    • 8.90% is deducted to the Teacher Retirement System (TRS). 8.90% (8.25% Member Retirement Contribution; .65% Member TRS-Care Contribution)
    • 1.45% is deducted for Medicare.
    • Federal income tax is deducted.
    • Health insurance and supplemental benefits for eligible employees under Section 125 (Cafeteria Plan) and voluntary annuity plans, if elected.
    • For part-time employees, the 7.50% contribution to the PARS 457(b) FICA Alternative Plan will be deducted from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis. This includes subs/guest teachers.