Bell Schedule

  • 7:00 - Doors Open, students report directly to their classroom

    7:30 - Tardy Bell -- All students arriving after 7:30 go to the office for a tardy pass

    3:15 End of Day Dismissal

    Morning Arrival Procedures:

    6:55 bus riders will be dropped off by the cafeteria; students needing breakfast eat immediately, all other students will go straight to their classroom

    7:00 car riders will be dropped off in the front of the building at the designated cones and allowed to go straight to their classrooms; if students need breakfast they will walk straight to the cafeteria to pick up  breakfast

    7:00 bike riders and walkers will use the front entrance to come inside the building; they should not be arriving before 7:20ish.

    Afternoon Dismissal Procedures:

    2:55 students will be grouped according to their method of transportation home; students will face the same direction and be spaced 3ft apart with masks

    (in-person teachers will only dismiss one group of students at a time)

    2:55 bus riders will be called to exit to the front entrance

    3:00 bike riders will be dismissed to the front of the building

    daycares will be dismissed out of the end of the kinder hallway

    walkers will be dismissed to the art hallway

    3:05-3:15   car riders will be dismissed to their assigned areas

    (PK-1st to the front; 2nd-5th to the cafeteria driveway)

    Temporary Change in Transportation:
    Please call and notify the office by 1:00 PM if your child will be going home a different way on a particular day. You may also email (this goes to our Attendance Clerk). 

    Early Pick-Up:
    If your child is going to be picked up early for a particular reason, it may only be done by an authorized person that is on the child’s registration form.  Please be sure to have your
    State ID with you.  Please note that the early pick-up will be counted as a Tardy. Early pick-ups will only be allowed before 2:00 PM. After 2:00 PM, students will not be released until the end of the school day.