• decorative title photo: Susie Fuentes Elementary School - A Fine Arts Focus Campus

Fuentes, a Fine Arts Focus Campus

  • Hays CISD is proud to announce that Susie Fuentes Elementary School will become a fine arts focus campus in the 2018-2019 school year. This means, in addition to the exceptional quality core academic education already offered at the campus, students will also engage in expanded fine arts, performing arts, and humanities curriculum and opportunities. The Hays CISD Board of Trustees approved the fine arts focus concept at its regular meeting in April 2018. Fuentes Elementary will become the first specialized focus campus in Hays CISD, offering a unique educational experience for students who live in the attendance zone or who are accepted by transfer within Hays CISD.

Why Focus on Fine Arts, Performing Arts, and Humanities?

  • Student involvement in fine and performing arts can have major payoffs in school for everyone:

    • Recent research studies have shown that children who sing, dance, write, act, create, and play are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement compared to their non-performing friends.
    • Fine arts students have enhanced cognitive, motor, and social development skills.
    • Fine arts students are quick thinkers and become masters of their anxiety.
    • Fine arts students can express new emotions and develop empathy.
    • Fine arts students develop higher self esteem and advocacy skills and they see the world in new ways because of being exposed to new ways of thinking and doing.

    At‐Risk students typically are not exposed to fine and performing arts outside of school compared with many of their peers, but when they are provided opportunities as part of their school day, they:

    • Experience better academic outcomes
    • Demonstrate higher creativity and creative problem solving skills
    • Are more flexible and resilient
    • Have improved self-efficacy, communication skills, and ability to express their emotions
    • Are highly motivated, more passionate, and curious
    • Make stronger social connections with a variety of people
    • Set higher career goals
    • Become more civically engaged

Enroll at Fuentes

  • Students who live in the Fuentes attendance zone may register normally.

Transfers - CLOSED

  • *PLEASE NOTE: The window to apply for a FES Fine Arts Transfer is now CLOSED. The deadline to request a transfer to FES for the 2018-2019 school year was August 10, 2018.

Learn More

  • If you have specific questions, or want to learn more about the Fuentes fine arts focus, contact:
    Principal Regina Butcher

The Fuentes Mission

  • The mission of Fuentes Elementary, an extraordinary and passionate family of learners who believe in unlimited possibilities, is to empower responsible scholars and grow exceptional global citizens through purposeful, meaningful and unique educational experiences.