• Hays CISD Cell Phone Policy

    This procedure is intended to support student learning while minimizing student distractions and disruptions. The procedure will also support and enhance current safety procedures and protocols. Teachers are expected to incorporate technology as a part of their lesson plans as long as it supports the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Students may use their own technology (laptops or iPad) to support the learning objectives in the classroom.

    Student use guidelines during the school day (8:10 AM-3:45 PM)

    • Students may use their personal electronics on campus before 7:45 AM and after 3:45 PM.

    • Cell phones must be out of sight and on airplane mode in the classroom.

    • Students will not have their cell phones out during class or passing periods.

    • Cell Phone use is prohibited in bathroom, locker rooms, changing areas or any area considered private.

    • Principals may allow students to use their cell phones during lunch time.

    Students who violate the procedure will have the following consequences.

    • 1st Offense – Warning

    • 2nd Offense – Confiscation of the device.

    • 3rd Offense – Confiscation of the device and parent notified.

    • 4th Offense – Confiscation of the device, mandatory parent meeting. Assign one hour of after school detention. Device returned at the end of the day.

    • Multiple Offenses – Confiscation of the device, may charge a $10 fee, and be assigned In School Suspension.

    Students who fail to surrender devices will elevate consequences immediately. Confiscated phone will be returned to the student at the end of day. Violations will reset every nine week grading period.

    Parent expectations Parents can help their child support this policy, the learning environment, and our school’s mission by:

    • Discussing the school expectation with your child

    • Picking up confiscated devices in a timely manner between 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM