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    In 2019, a Saturn V committee, consisting of teachers, parents, administrators, and Curriculum and Instruction staff, met to review the program and make recommendations for improvement.  With a goal of increasing student access across the district, the district implemented many of the committee’s recommendations over the next 3 years; however, enrollment into the Saturn V program across the district has declined resulting in fewer students accessing the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) curriculum and instruction.  In order to reverse this trend and expose all elementary students to a rigorous STEM curriculum, research-based lessons and instruction, and engaging projects, the district will make the following changes beginning with the 22-23 school year:

    • All Hays CISD elementary students will participate in a STEM course, regardless of which school they attend.

      At every elementary campus, a new STEM course will be included for all K-5 students.  Students will no longer have to apply and be accepted into a separate program or leave their home campus to receive high quality STEM lessons.  This includes access to the Project Lead the Way curriculum.  Each individual campus is currently developing a plan to implement a STEM course for all students beginning with the 22-23 school year.  More information will be coming from each campus over the next few months as we prepare for the upcoming school year. 

    • The Saturn V magnet program will not be accepting any new applications into the program.

      Current fourth graders in the Saturn V program will automatically be enrolled into the Saturn V program as fifth graders for the 22-23 school.  These students will continue to receive the full Saturn V experience next year and will not be affected by the recent changes.  New applications for fourth and fifth graders will no longer be accepted.

    • Project Based Learning is a pedagogy that will continue to be supported in Hays CISD.

      Project Based Learning (PBL) promotes active student learning through engaging lessons and authentic, real-world projects.  Hays CISD is currently developing a PBL professional development program that will utilize our own campuses and teachers already trained in PBL as models that other Hays CISD teachers can learn from.  While the Saturn V program in its current form will be phased out, the PBL curriculum and pedagogy will continue and grow beyond the four current Saturn V campuses, exposing more students to this rich curriculum and active way of learning. 

    We are excited to offer more STEM lessons to all students throughout Hays CISD and will be providing more information over the next few months as we continue planning for the 22-23 school year and beyond.  Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

    Thank you,
    Derek McDaniel
    Director of Curriculum and Instruction
    512-268-2141 x 45050