Degrees and Certifications:

BS Communications, Dallas Baptist University '03 MS Educational Technology Leadership, Texas A&M University-Commerce '16 Google Certified Educator/Trainer/Innovator Adobe Creative Educator Level 2 Apple Certified Teacher Apple Learning Coach Adobe Certified Professional - Premiere Pro/Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign/Video Design/Visual Design FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot

Mr. Galen Rosenberg

Welcome! I'm Galen Rosenberg, Johnson HS' instructor for Principles of Arts, AV Production, Commercial Photography, and Graphic Design! I manage Principles of Arts, AV Production 1/2/Practicum, Commercial Photo 1, and Graphic Design & Illustration 1/2/Practicum. I sponsor JHS' Business Professionals of America chapter and our Stadium Video Crew.


My teaching philosophy: 

Let's be honest, here. All of the information our kids need to absorb is already out there. Between textbooks, how-to files, apps, and YouTube videos they could almost do it all themselves! It begs the question - is a teacher still necessary? The data (and my humble opinion) say yes and I take on three roles as an educator: 

- An Expert: I'm the guy that has specialized training in the tools along with specialized training in how to learn them and can be the resource to get through difficulties.

- A Curator: I'm the guy that can design experiences and set up resource material to help kids learn the right things at the right time.

- A Mentor: I'm the guy that has done this before, walked the trail a little, and can ask the right questions at the right time to challenge and encourage our kids to be the best they can along with provide some real-world advice when it is needed. 


My environment: 

I'm a firm believer in Design Thinking and try to structure our learning environment (physical, digital, and philosophical) to promote creativity, resilience, and innovation. In simple terms, I try as hard as I can to help students work hard, enjoy making new media, and make learning "not suck". I'm a media freak myself and genuinely enjoy the content we cover! I treat everyone here fairly and in an adult manner - reciprocate that and we'll always be good! I ask that everyone in the environment do The Two Things: TRY and CARE. 


Cool stuff we do:

- Publication design in magazine and album covers

- Poster design in vision boards and infographics

- Animation with Adobe Animate

- Portraits, landscapes, still-lifes, and photo retouching with Adobe Photoshop

- Video Production with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects

- Logo design with Adobe Illustrator



I'm a Dallas native and newcomer to Hill Country! I've been teaching since 2005 and have covered almost every Arts/AV & Communication course at one point. 2023 marks two decades of marriage for me; no kids, I just temporarily adopt my classes! :-)> I've tinkered with electronics and media since my time in high school and have been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1998. I'm a HUGE sci-fi geek (Star Wars, Potter, LOTR, Dune - love it all) and tend to work that into our schoolwork. I'm also a big foodie and seriously into bbq, smoking meats/unmeats, and home gourmet. Weekends you'll find me either playing with my radio equipment, managing my kitchen's garden and avoiding mowing, and road-tripping around this beautiful part of Texas that we share! 


Contacting me:

Email is normally the fastest, with Schoology messages the next option. I move around a lot during the day - I'm cool with USING voice to talk to you, just email me first so I'll be able to get near a phone!