Mission, Vision & Core Beliefs

  • Mission Statement

    McCormick Middle School is a team of dedicated educators that will create a safe environment where students are motivated to achieve academic success. We will empower our students to be respectful and engaged learners resulting in a culture that inspires excellence not only in their school, but also in their community. 

    McCormick Middle School will produce learners who are prepared to solve complex problems, work collaboratively and cooperatively with others, acknowledge & celebrate cultural diversity, and who are socially responsible, so they can excel in a global marketplace.

    Core Beliefs
    The objective of the educators of McCormick Middle School is to create a learning environment in which all stakeholders aim to do quality work every day to attain exemplary results. We will allow our core beliefs to serve as our compass to ensure we achieve our objective.

    Our core beliefs are as follows:

    • Leadership is EVERYONE’S business.
    • Teaching is synonymous with learning.
    • Educators must equip students with the necessary skills to be successful in postsecondary education and in their careers.
    • Educators must exhibit excellence in performance and behavior to give learners a model to emulate.
    • Educators must build a solid rapport with learners to help facilitate learning.