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  • GT Summer Update

    Summer Classes are being offered this year virtually at the High School level.  That means our current 8th grade GT students could take some get-ahead credit courses this summer 2020!  Courses will be online using a blend of instruction from HCISD certified teachers and our Edgenuity program.  

    Help for Parents

    Here is a link to the district Summer School Website where students can register and find more information about get-ahead course offerings.

    Summer School Website

    WMS Passion Project Update

    I have been in contact with the GT Teacher team at Wallace to decide what will be in the best interest of our students and families during distance learning. Because the passion project was designed in such a way as to continue over several school years we have decided to suspend any further required action on the passion project.  We are however encouraging students who would like to continue investigating and learning about their identified passions to please do so. This would be a great opportunity for students to truly become an expert in their passion, reachout via email, with parent permission, to professionals who work in areas relating to each student’s passion.  

    • Students who are making movies could spend time previewing documentaries on their passions.
    • Students who are writing books could continue organizing and fine tuning the layout for their books, adding more details, and supporting images.  
    • Students who chose problem/solution, solving a real world problem, could use this time to develop their novel solutions, design scale models, if applicable, and potentially test their identified solutions.  

    This opportunity will enable students to start next school year, ahead of the curve being fully prepared to present, publish, and contribute to their communities.  

    The GT Teacher team at Wallace will be available to help those students who chose to continue perfecting their passions via the Passion Project Google Classroom.  If for some reason your student has been unknowingly removed from the Passion Project Google Classroom you can reach out to me, Ms. Tison via my school email and ask for the join code.  Thank you GT parents and students for your flexibility and resilience as we work through distance learning at Wallace Middle School.

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