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    Hello GT Parents!

    I am Ms.Flanagan and I am the Gifted & Talented Liaison for Simon Middle School. I also teach 6th grade math and advanced math.

    By now, you might've heard your kiddo talk about the IDEAS Club. This is a time set aside, weekly, for gifted and talented students to come together to collaborate on projects and different challenges. The challenges range from cup stacking to Skittle guessing! (You read that right!) We also use club time to work on our end-of-year showcase project. If you haven't asked them about their project yet, be sure to ask your student now! It's going to be an awesome showcase this year and we can't wait for you to see it!

    If you have any questions about G/T services at our campus, please don't hesitate to ask!

    Thank you!

    Ms. Flanagan


    At Simon Middle School, teachers are trained to use Depth and Complexity, which helps support our Gifted and Talented (G/T) students to deepen their comprehension and understanding across all content areas.

    “The Depth and Complexity Icons are visual prompts designed to help students go beyond surface level understanding of a concept and enhance their ability to think critically. These critical thinking tools help students dig deeper into a concept (depth) and understand that concept with greater complexity.” Source: 



    Gifted & Talented Contacts:

    Katie Flanagan, 6th Grade Math & Advanced Math
    G/T Liaison - Simon Middle School

    (512) 268-8507 x42576

    Camille Lister, Counselor
    Referrals/Testing - Simon Middle School

    (512) 268-8507 x42514

    Tish Cawley
    Coordinator of Gifted & Talented Services 
    (512) 268-2141 x45035


    *Please join our G/T Parent Information Schoology Group: PPW5-P8P8-ZK3B2

    Know someone who is doing an awesome job supporting the needs of gifted and advanced students? Nominate them today for the G/T Spotlight Award HERE.



    There are so many exciting things happening at Simon!

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