• Information on “Megalunch”

    You may have heard we are moving to a “Megalunch” model for the 2019-20 school year. This is an exciting opportunity to improve teaching & learning on our campus. We had a committee of teachers and staff working on this during the 2018-19 school year to research, make recommendations and develop a plan. 

    Frequently asked questions regarding “Mega lunch”

    Hays High School Fall 2019

    Q: What is a “megalunch?”
    A: “Mega lunch” allows for one lunch period at the high school. Students could eat for 30 minutes, then go to tutoring for 30 minutes. Some students will choose to work on school work during the entire hour and have that option.

    Q: What schools have “mega lunch?”
    A: All 3 Hays CISD High Schools are planning on using this format in 2019-20.

    Q: Why do we want to change our lunch schedule?
    A; To create a schedule allowing flexibility during the school day for students and teachers to focus on learning, intervention, tutoring, and building relationships through clubs/organizations.

    Q: What are the benefits of a one hour-long lunch? 

      • Flexible Schedule- students who are in multiple AP classes & extracurriculars now have time during the school day for tutorials, re-testing, homework, etc.
      • During the day EOC, SAT, ACT prep remediation/study opportunities for all students and access to our Hays HS College & Career Center everyday
      • Tutorial time built into the school day and removal of traditional barriers for tutoring
      • Improved teacher relationships with students 
      • Allows for campus wide and/or class wide events without disrupting classroom time (ie: college recruiters, class meetings, senior cap & gown orders, etc.) 
      • Increase in student and staff participation in clubs & organizations during the school day (Ex. Student Council, NHS, etc.) 

    Q: Have you talked to students?
    A: Yes. During the 2018-19 school year we ran a “megalunch” multiple times in the fall and spring semesters. Our students gave us overwhelmingly positive feedback and were very well behaved and accepted the responsibility that comes with the 1 hour lunch.

    Q: Have you included input from teachers?
    A: Yes. During the 2018-19 school year we organized a committee to review the concept. The committee is majority teachers, 1 Assistant Principal and other staff members. We also utilized our Campus Leadership Team (CLT) that included parents. During the 2017-18 and 2018-19 school years, Hays HS staff visited several campuses that had “Megalunch” all reported positive results with student achievement & climate.

    Q: Will there be a concern with long lunch lines?
    A: No. During the five times we piloted the “megalunch” concept in 2018-19 an average of 28+ minutes remained in the lunch period with no students (zero) in any lunch line. We plan to add an additional lunch serving station in fall 2019. That would bring us to a total of 8 serving lines. We are looking at adding more in the future. 

    Q: What about safety concerns?
    A: Safety is always our number one concern . During  the 2018-19 school year, we had 3 lunch periods, with a total of 10 staff on duty at all times to supervise. Moving to “meaglunch” in 2019-20 we will have 40+ staff members and campus police on duty at all times to supervise our students. During our pilot of the 1 hour lunch in the fall and spring we had no (zero) discipline problems from our students with 3,000 students. We are projected to have 2,500 students in August 2019.

    Q: Where will students be able to go during “Megalunch?”
    A: Students will be able to be in the Cafeteria, Library, Main Hall Area, B Hallway area, outside patio area,  in a classroom with a teacher (tutoring or clubs), and Joe Graham Gym. We have increased the areas students can be during lunches under this plan and have them adequately supervised. 

    Q: What are other concerns and how will they be addressed?
    1. Trash: We plan to add additional trash cans and space them adequately throughout the building.

     2. Underclassman not taking advantage of the tutoring available: we will identify “radar” students and schedule mandatory tutoring sessions

     3. “Plan B” if we need to “pull” meglunch (ie: disruptions, etc) we have a plan B. If students do not meet expectations, we are prepared to “pull” the “mega lunch” plan for a period of time until the problem has been corrected.

    Q: What is the plan moving forward?
    A: All 3 Hays CISD High Schools plan to roll the model out in August with several pilot days and  eventually going to a one lunch period after the 3rd week of school .

    Q: What if I have additional questions regarding “megalunch?”
    A: You can call us at (512) 268-2911. We would love to hear your feedback!