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  • Hello Wolverines, and welcome to the 2021-2022 school year. I'm very excited about starting a new school year. I'm a Registered Nurse with 29 years of experience, and 22 of those as a School Nurse, happy to take care of children and work with parents and school staff.

    School nursing is a professional registered nursing specialty that involves identification, assessment, prevention, and intervention to remedy or modify students' health needs. The nurse's goal is to promote the optimum health of students and the student's abilities to achieve their individual educational goals.

    Nurses monitor required immunizations, perform mandated health screenings, track communicable diseases, plan for emergencies, and provide direct care to students. Please use the links to the left to learn more about Hays CISD District Health Services.

    We would like to assure you that medical information about your child is treated as confidential by the nurses and all the school staff.  We do not share information about your child with outside parties nor can we discuss the health concerns of any other student with you.

    Our illness policies have changed and new policies are now in place to help prevent and limit the spread of COVID-19. 

    We recommend you ensure that your child brings a clean face covering for school every day, if it is a cloth mask it will need to be washed daily, or when it is visibly dirty or wet.

    Parents/ guardians need to screen their students for COVID-19 symptoms before they send them to school every morning, including oral or ear temperature. Please DO NOT send a student to school if he or she is showing any COVID-19 symptoms. Also, please DO NOT send students to school if you take them to have a covid test and you are waiting for results,  contact your school nurse!

    Symptoms of Corona Virus are:

    Fever greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit....chills.....shortness of breath or difficulty breathing....muscle or body loss of taste or smell....sore throat....nausea or vomiting....diarrhea....fatigue.

    This list does not include all possible symptoms. Please call your Medical Provider for any other symptoms that are severe or are concerning you.

    *Please note that if your child has allergies or headaches regularly, you are looking for a change/improvement in symptoms.

    If the student presents to the school clinic with any of the COVID-19 symptoms, the student will be assessed by the school nurse. If no improvement is noted with simple interventions, the student will be considered to have COVID-19 symptoms and will be sent home and will need to follow the COVID-19 return to school protocol.

    What is the return to school protocol if sent home with COVID-19

    . 5 days have passed since symptoms began and improvement in symptoms, and 24 hours fever free without the use of fever-reducing medication.

    . They are cleared by a physician to return to school.

    . The student had negative PCR test results indicating symptoms were not due to COVID-19. A rapid antigen test will NOT be accepted.

    Will my child be able to go to the nurse?

    Yes. However, at this time, we are encouraging classroom care for first aid when possible. Teachers will be provided guidance and training as needed for care that can be taken care of in the classroom and will be able to send the student to the school clinic for any care beyond simple first aid.

    How can you help?

    Keep your students home if they are sick. Please send your students to school after giving them fever-reducing, anti-diarrheal, or anti-nausea medication. Encourage healthy habits such as WASHING HANDS FREQUENTLY, teaching your student correctly. We recommend wearing a mask, encouraging them to drink plenty of water throughout the day, ensuring your student gets plenty of sleep each night, exercising, healthy eating habits. Check with your students frequently. Remember mental health is just as important as physical health.

    Medications at school

    Students in middle school are allowed to self-carry inhalers and EpiPens only by a Dr's order. Please ensure we have the appropriate authorization on file for your student to self-carry these medications if needed. All other medications MUST be kept in the nurse's office with the authorizations on file.


    All students must be up to date on vaccines or have a current, valid exemption form on file, whether attending virtually or in-person for the school year. Updated immunization records may be emailed to Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

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